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grav-theme-bootstrap - Grav Bootstrap Theme

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Bootstrap is a Grav theme that is based on the popular Bootstrap framework. Installing the Bootstrap theme can be done in one of two ways. Our GPM (Grav Package Manager) installation method enables you to quickly and easily install the theme with a simple terminal command, while the manual method enables you to do so via a zip file.

grav-plugin-form - Grav Form Plugin

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The form plugin for Grav adds the ability to create and use forms. This is currently used extensively by the admin and login plugins. The form plugin is easy to install with GPM.

grav-plugin-jscomments - JSComments is a Grav (http://github

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JSComments is a Grav plugin which allows Grav to integrate comments into individual pages from Discourse, Disqus, Facebook, Google+, HyperComments, IntenseDebate, and Muut comment systems. For more informations, please check the Installation and update guide.