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grav-plugin-shortcode-core - Grav Shortcode Core Plugin

  •    PHP

The Shortcode Core plugin allow for the development of simple yet powerful shortcode plugins that utilize the common format utilized by WordPress and BBCode. The core plugin loads the libraries required and fires a new event that other plugins can use. It also provides a mechanism for adding CSS/JS assets that are cached so that shortcodes can work effectively even when the processed page content is cached. This ensures that shortcodes are only processed once and will not impact performance by doing unnecessary work on every page. This plugin uses the Thunderer Advanced shortcode engine. For more information please check out that repo on GitHub.

grav-plugin-shortcode-ui - Grav Shortcode UI Plugin

  •    CSS

The Shortcode UI plugin provides several useful UI elements for Grav as shortcodes. As such it requires the Shortcode Core plugin to function. There is currently only one main plugin option for Shortcode UI and that is to set a default theme for the tabs shortcode. As this plugin requires the Shortcode Core functionality there are some configuration options there that will effect this one. For example setting the default active state to false will also cause this plugin to not function.