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graphql-voyager - 🛰️ Represent any GraphQL API as an interactive graph

  •    TypeScript

Represent any GraphQL API as an interactive graph. It's time to finally see the graph behind GraphQL. You can also explore number of public GraphQL APIs from our list. GraphQL Voyager exports Voyager React component and helper init function. If used without module system it is exported as GraphQLVoyager global variable.

Graphiql - An in-browser IDE for exploring GraphQL.

  •    Javascript

GraphiQL is the reference implementation of this monorepo, GraphQL IDE, an official project under the GraphQL Foundation. The code uses the permissive MIT license. The graphql-language-service-interface should be your go-to for language server protocol spec (LSP) implementations, which is now our first order IDE spec.

mock-demo - [OUTDATED] A demo of the simple yet powerful mocking capability in graphql-tools

  •    Javascript

NOTE: this demo uses an old version of graphql-tools (0.2.0), although a similar technique should work with the latest version.A demo of the simple yet powerful mocking capability in graphql-tools.

cloud-functions-boilerplates - Boilerplates for cloud functions (AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Cloud Functions, Zeit, etc

  •    Javascript

The contents of this repo have been moved to hasura/graphql-engine. Please create all issues and pull requests there. This repository contains boilerplate functions for various use-cases, for different serverless or cloud function platforms. These functions implement sample use-cases of the different types of asynchronous business logic operations that can be triggered by the Hasura GraphQL Engine on database insert, update or delete.

graphql-tools-sequelize - Integration of GraphQL-Tools and Sequelize ORM

  •    Javascript

Integration of GraphQL-Tools and Sequelize Object-Relational-Mapper (ORM). This Node.js module provides an integration of the GraphQL.js wrapper GraphQL-Tools and the Sequelize Object-Relational-Mapper (ORM) in order to operate on the entities and their relationships of an underlying RDBMS through GraphQL. It provides functions for GraphQL schema definition entries and their corresponding resolver functions for querying and mutating entities and their relationships through GraphQL in a natural Object-Oriented (OO) way. It optionally provides Full-Text-Search (FTS) functionality through ElasticLunr and validation, authorization and tracing hooks. It provides an elaborate CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality for the entities and their relationships.

graphql-tools-types - Custom Scalar Types for GraphQL-Tools

  •    Javascript

This Node.js module provides the custom scalar types Void, Integer, Float, String, Date, Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) for GraphQL Tools, a wrapper around the GraphQL engine GraphQL.js. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

graphql-directive - Use custom directives in your GraphQL schema and queries 🎩

  •    Javascript

GraphQL supports several directives: @include, @skip and @deprecated. This module opens a new dimension by giving you the possibility to define your custom directives. You can learn more about directives in GraphQL documentation.

graphql-autharoo - Authorization helpers for graphql resolvers

  •    Javascript

Authorization helpers for graphql resolvers. This library will help you handle contextual authorization needs in your graphql queries, mutations, type and batch resolvers. At its core, it provides multiplexing and filtering capabilities for resolving data based on the request, context, and permissions.

cppgraphqlgen - C++ GraphQL schema service generator

  •    C++

GraphQL and React go together like peanut butter and jelly, especially if you use a GraphQL client/compiler like Relay or Apollo. But GraphQL services are only implemented on the server. When using React Native or React JS in a hybrid application, you typically have a native application which hosts islands or entire pages of UI rendered with React components, and you might like to display content that you've cached offline or that you otherwise generate on the client without needing to declare a separate data interface or require a server round trip to load it.

typegql - Create GraphQL schema with TypeScript classes.

  •    TypeScript

typegql is set of decorators allowing creating GraphQL APIs quickly and in type-safe way. compiledSchema is regular executable schema compatible with graphql-js library.