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graphql-php - A PHP port of GraphQL reference implementation

  •    PHP

This is a PHP implementation of the GraphQL specification based on the reference implementation in JavaScript. Full documentation is available on the Documentation site as well as in the docs folder of the distribution.

graphql-doctrine - Automatic GraphQL types from Doctrine entities

  •    PHP

A library to declare GraphQL types from Doctrine entities, PHP 7.1 type hinting, and annotations, and to be used with webonyx/graphql-php. It reads most information from type hints, complete some things from existing Doctrine annotations and allow further customizations with specialized annotations. It will then create ObjectType and InputObjectType instances with fields for all getter and setter respectively found on Doctrine entities.

graphql-upload - A PSR-15 middleware to support file uploads in GraphQL

  •    PHP

A PSR-15 middleware to support file uploads in GraphQL. It implements the multipart request specification for webonyx/graphql-php. This lib is an implementation of PSR-15, so it can be used with any framework supporting PSR-15. For specific configuration instructions, refer to your framework documentation.