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graphql-dotnet - GraphQL for .NET

  •    CSharp

This is an implementation of Facebook's GraphQL in .NET. You can install the latest version via NuGet.

StarWars - GraphQL 'Star Wars' example using GraphQL for .NET, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core

  •    CSharp

Basic - simple 'Hello GraphQL!' example based on console version from GraphQL for .NET on GitHub, but using ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and some best practices, patterns and principles.


  •    CSharp

A library designed to integrate the Dapper and graphql-dotnet projects with ease-of-use in mind and performance as the primary concern. Entity mappers are used to map entities to Dapper from query results. Since a single entity can be composed of multiple rows of a query result, an entity mapper is designed to quickly merge multiple rows of output SQL into a single hierarchy of entities.