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automatic-api - A list of software that turns your database into a REST/GraphQL API

  •    Go

The following is a list of tools that automatically expose a REST, GraphQL, or another kind of API for your database, as well as databases with a built-in HTTP API. GitHub stats updated 2018-07-17. The commit count and the latest commit date are for the default branch (usually master).

Api-platform - REST and GraphQL framework to build modern API-driven projects (server-side and client-side)

  •    Javascript

API Platform is a set of tools to build and consume web APIs. API Platform embraces open web standards (Swagger, JSON-LD, GraphQL, Hydra, HAL, JWT, OAuth, HTTP...) and the Linked Data movement. Your API will automatically expose structured data in Schema.org/JSON-LD. It means that your API Platform application is usable out of the box with technologies of the semantic web.

postgraphile - Execute one command (or mount one Node

  •    TypeScript

An instant, highly-performant GraphQL API for your PostgreSQL database, extensible via a powerful plugin system. Note: v1-v3 of this project were named PostGraphQL. A v3-v4 migration guide is available here and you can check out some of the new features here. No more development is taking place on v3, but you can still access its branch here.

Parse - The Complete Application Stack

  •    Javascript

Parse is the complete application stack. It helps to build applications faster with object and file storage, user authentication, push notifications, dashboard and more out of the box. Parse Server is an open source backend that can be deployed to any infrastructure that can run Node.js.

Gentics Mesh - The open source headless CMS for developers

  •    Java

Gentics Mesh is an Open Source API-first CMS for developers. All contents can be stored/updated and retrieved using the REST API. Gentics Mesh provides the means to organize your contents in terms of a content tree, or rather a node tree. Nodes can be hierarchically structured if a container schema is provided.

grial - A Node

  •    Javascript

A Node.js framework for creating GraphQL API servers easily and without a lot of boilerplate. There's a lot of boilerplate code required to run a GraphQL API with Node.js, the server code it's almost always the same, create a server, load the resolvers and the schema and set the /graphql endpoint along with GraphiQL.

react-apollo-form - Build React forms based on GraphQL APIs.

  •    TypeScript

Build React forms based on GraphQL APIs. Once the files generated, we can setup a Form.

balboa - server for indexing and querying passive DNS observations

  •    Go

balboa is the BAsic Little Book Of Answers. It consumes and indexes observations from passive DNS collection, providing a GraphQL interface to access the aggregated contents of the observations database. We built balboa to handle passive DNS data aggregated from metadata gathered by Suricata. The API should be suitable for integration into existing multi-source observable integration frameworks. It is possible to produce results in a Common Output Format compatible schema using the GraphQL API. In fact, the GraphQL schema is modelled after the COF fields.

eventsourcing-go - Event Sourcing + CQRS using Golang Tutorial

  •    Go

Imagine that you are working for a large news publisher called Fairflax Media, inspired by flax flower (not to be mistaken with Fairfax Media, of course). You have been tasked with breaking the huge monolith system into microservices and moving everything to Kuberentes. You prefer domain driven design, and believe that each database should only ever be owned by a single application. But as time goes by, you notice that many services need common data. You need to make sure that the data is consistent across all services and the query performance is reasonable.

graphql-api - GraphQL-Api is an opinionated Graphql framework for Rails that supports auto generating queries based on Active Record models and plain Ruby objects

  •    Ruby

GraphQL-Api is an opinionated Graphql framework for Rails that supports auto generating queries based on Active Record models and plain Ruby objects. This project is an active work in progress. The API is currently being refined and subject to change. Contributions are more than welcome! Once the project hits a 1.0 release the API should be considered stable.

apollo - Meteor & Apollo integration

  •    Javascript

Looking to start or develop your new project with GraphQL? Reach out to us now, we can help you along every step: contact@cultofcoders.com. We specialise in building high availability GraphQL APIs and with the help with our awesome frontend developers we can easily consume any GraphQL API.

Flickr-Wormhole - A Serverless GraphQL to REST Gateway Wrapper for the Flickr API

  •    Javascript

Before you start, make sure you have a working NodeJS environment, with NPM 3. Preferably use Yarn instead of NPM for installation of packages to ensure that you'll use exactly the same dependencies as the project. Please refer to the Serverless documentation for more information on how to set up your AWS credentials.

schemer - Schema registry for CSV, TSV, JSON, AVRO and Parquet schema

  •    Scala

Schema registry with support for CSV, TSV, AVRO, JSON and Parquet. Has ability to infer schema from a given data source. schemer-registry is a schema registry for storing the metadata about schema and schema versions. It provides a GraphQL API for adding, viewing and inferring schemas.

gql - ☁ Universal GraphQL HTTP middleware for Deno

  •    TypeScript

Universal GraphQL HTTP middleware for Deno. The best way to support the project is to do staking on stakes.social. Note that you also get rewarded by staking, as well as the project author.