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grapesjs - Free and Open source Web Builder Framework

  •    Javascript

Generally any 'template system', that you'd find in various applications like CMS, is composed by the structure (HTML), style (CSS) and variables, which are then replaced with other templates and contents on server-side and rendered on client.

grapesjs-mjml - Newsletter Builder with MJML components in GrapesJS

  •    Javascript

This plugin enables the usage of MJML components inside the GrapesJS environment. MJML components are rendered in real-time using the official compiler, therefore the result is, almost, the same as using the MJML Live Editor. Alternatively, you can clone the grapesjs repository in a different directory, npm link it and use that as the grapesjs dependency. This lets you simultaneously run grapesjs-mjml and grapesjs from source.

grapesjs-preset-newsletter - GrapesJS preset configuration for the newsletter editor http://grapesjs

  •    Javascript

This preset configures GrapesJS to be used as a Newsletter Builder with some unique features and blocks composed specifically for being rendered correctly inside all major email clients.

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