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prometheus - A docker-compose stack for Prometheus monitoring


Before we get started installing the Prometheus stack. Ensure you install the latest version of docker and docker swarm on your Docker host machine. Docker Swarm is installed automatically when using Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows.Clone the project locally to your Docker host.

grafana-dashboards - Grafana dashboards for MySQL and MongoDB monitoring using Prometheus

  •    TypeScript

This is a set of Grafana dashboards for database and system monitoring using Prometheus datasource. These dashboards are also a part of Percona Monitoring and Management project.

AppMetrics - App Metrics is an open-source and cross-platform

  •    CSharp

App Metrics is an open-source and cross-platform .NET library used to record metrics within an application. App Metrics can run on .NET Core or on the full .NET framework also supporting .NET 4.5.2. App Metrics abstracts away the underlaying repository of your Metrics for example InfluxDB, Graphite, Elasticsearch etc, by sampling and aggregating in memory and providing extensibility points to flush metrics to a repository at a specified interval.App Metrics provides various metric types to measure things such as the rate of requests, counting the number of user logins over time, measure the time taken to execute a database query, measure the amount of free memory and so on. Metrics types supported are Gauges, Counters, Meters, Histograms and Timers and Application Performance Indexes Apdex.

docker-monitoring - Docker-Monitoring based on Cadvisor, InfluxDB, and Grafana


Please take a look a the Docker-Monitoring-xx.json file to view the Grafana Dashboard's json file and check out the queries folders for screenshots of the queries in each graph.Also added the docker-compose.yml file to easily stand up the entire Monitoring Stack.

prometheus-nats-exporter - A Prometheus exporter for NATS metrics

  •    Go

The Prometheus NATS Exporter consists of both a package and an application that exports NATS server metrics to Prometheus for monitoring. The exporter aggregates metrics from the server monitoring endpoints you choose (varz, connz, subsz, routez) from a NATS server into a single Prometheus exporter endpoint.Start the prometheus-nats-exporter executable, and poll the varz metrics endpoints of the NATS server located on localhost configured with a monitor port of 5555.

pmm-server - PMM Server

  •    TypeScript

See the PMM docs for more information. If you find a bug in Percona Monitoring and Management Server or one of the related projects, you should submit a report to that project's JIRA issue tracker.

gethexporter - Monitor your Geth Ethereum Server with Prometheus and Grafana

  •    Go

Monitor your Ethereum Geth server with Prometheus and Grafana. Checkout the Grafana Dashboard to implement a beautiful geth server monitor for your own server, or you can just import Dashboard ID: 6976 once you have GethExporter up and running. Run this Prometheus Exporter in a Docker container! Include your Geth server endpoint as GETH environment variable.

couchbase-exporter - Prometheus Couchbase 5 Exporter, Grafana dashboard and Alerting rules included

  •    Go

Innitially, have the same metrics as our old exporter, to facilitate the migration. Once that's done, we can better document all metrics, eventually improve their naming (like adding _total, _seconds, _byte prefixes), and finally, provide example alerting rules and grafana dashboards, so it's easier to proper monitor a couchbase cluster.

kubernetes-grafana-mixin - Kubernetes Grafana Dashboards Mixin

  •    Jsonnet

A set of Grafana dashboards for Kubernetes Administrators. Currently works on 1.12 & 1.13 clusters. Untested on 1.14.

crypto-currency-tracker - Track your Crypto Currencies with this Docker & Prometheus Stack


This is a project that utilizes Prometheus, Grafana, and the CoinMarketCap Prometheus Exporter. Can't be bothered with setting up Docker to test it out? You are in luck. We created a quickstart using Play-With-Docker (PWD) to start-up the Crypto-Currency Tracker stack inside the Play-With-Docker infrastrucutre so you can try it out. This will allow you to quickly test the stack to see if it meets your needs.

telegraf-teamspeak3 - Telegraf-executable script to collect metrics of all virtual server instances of a Teamspeak 3 server

  •    Go

Clone, build and store somewhere on your server. Add the executable to the exec input plugin of Influx Telegraf. Don't set the execution timeout too low when you have multiple server instances running. The script outputs collected metrics about all found Teamspeak 3 instances in Influx Line format.

gin_exporter - Exporter for gin metrics

  •    Go

Many small companies don't have such a large architecture for micro-services when they do websites. A simple solution for viewing application traffic is very important. This repository is a middleware that integrates seamlessly with Gin. If you have any good suggestions to mention issue or PR, I will check it out in detail.

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