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nzb-grabber-js - Download/grab binary posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers using Node.js

  •    CoffeeScript

Download/grab binary posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers using Node.js. Pass an NZB file buffer which will be parsed and all files and their chunks downloaded. Chunks arrive in order so you can append them to an existing file. When all files are downloaded done is set.

tistore - Tistory photo grabber

  •    Javascript

tistore is a simple GUI application for grabbing photos from Tistory blogs. It can grab entire blog, separate post or use a list of URLs and download them in parallel using blazingly fast aria2 backend. Original filenames (including Hangul) are preserved.Download latest release, unpack and run tistore.exe.

react-native-palette - A library wrapping the Android Palette class to extract colors from an image.

  •    Javascript

A React-Native library which extracts prominent colors from an image. On Android, it wraps the Android Pallete Class. On iOS, it uses code from react-native-color-grabber. An example app is included.

danbooru-ruby-grabber - Danbooru, Konachan, e621, Behoimi (3dbooru) and Yandere images downloader

  •    Ruby

danbooru-ruby-grabber is a danbooru downloader — simple script which downloads images from danbooru.donmai.us, konachan.com, e621.net, behoimi.org and yande.re. Support of any danbooru-powered site could be added easily. To prevent duplicates files are stored using post id based filenames. You can change this behavior using -f option.