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togeojson - convert KML and GPX to GeoJSON, without the fuss

  •    Javascript

This converts KML & GPX to GeoJSON, in a browser or with Node.js.Convert a KML document to GeoJSON. The first argument, doc, must be a KML document as an XML DOM - not as a string. You can get this using jQuery's default .ajax function or using a bare XMLHttpRequest with the .response property holding an XML DOM.

leaflet-omnivore - universal format parser for Leaflet & Mapbox.js

  •    Javascript

Leaflet supports the GeoJSON format by default. What if you have something else? That's where omnivore comes in.Omnivore also includes an AJAX library, corslite, so you can specify what you want to add to the map with just a URL.

gpxpy - gpx-py is a python GPX parser

  •    Python

This is a simple Python library for parsing and manipulating GPX files. GPX is an XML based format for GPS tracks. You can see it in action on my online GPS track editor and organizer.



GeoTransformer focuses on making it easier for geocachers to process GPX files and publish them on their GPS devices.

GPX Explorer


This application allows you to read data from GPX file. It uses map from OpenStreetMap.org. This project is only in Czech language at the moment.


  •    CSharp

SharpGpx implements an object model for reading and writing GPX (GPS eXchange Format).

geotagger - 📸 🗺 Geotag your photos from GPS-less cameras with your phone's location history data

  •    Python

Geotag your photos from GPS-less cameras with your phone's location history data.…if your answer is 3x yes, then this tool is for you.

wp-plugin-trackserver - A WordPress plugin for GPS tracking and publishing

  •    Javascript

Trackserver is a plugin for storing and publishing GPS routes. It is a server companion to several mobile apps for location tracking, and it can display maps with your tracks on them by using a shortcode. It can also be used for live tracking, where your visitors can follow you or your users on a map. A shortcode is provided for displaying your tracks on a map. Maps are displayed using the fantastic Leaflet library and some useful Leaflet plugins are included. Maps can be viewed in full-screen on modern browsers.

GpxTrackPoster - Create a visually appealing poster from your GPX tracks

  •    Python

First of all, you need directory with a bunch of GPX files (e.g. you can export all your tracks from Garmin Connect with the excellent tool garmin-connect-export). creates a nice poster (poster.svg) of the GPX tracks in the directory my-tracks (see above).

gpxgo - GPX library for golang

  •    Go

gpxgo is a golang library for parsing and manipulating GPX files. GPX (GPS eXchange Format) is a XML based file format for GPS track logs. Gpxgo can read/write both GPX 1.0 and GPX 1.1 files. The only not-yet-supported part of the GPX 1.1 specification are extensions.

gps-util - GPS related functionalities for nodejs

  •    Javascript

GPS related functionalities. For getting and deleting gps info on an image one need to install exiftool. return an array containing 2 points that represent the bounding box.

cmpgpx - Show the differences between GPX files

  •    Python

compare_gpx is a python3 script that uses the Needleman-Wunsch algorithm to align GPS tracks in GPX files so they can be compared. The image below is an example of a comparison between thun_1_even.gpx and thun_2_even.gpx with the distance cutoff set to 10. The blue points indicate matches, whereas the red and orange indicate differences.

ice-portal-speed-logger - Tool for logging the speed of German ICE trains using the REST API of the "ICE Portal"

  •    Shell

Tool for logging information about German ICE trains using the REST API of the "ICE Portal". Logs information about the current internet connection status, the train speed, its location, and the time in JSON format. This log can then be converted to a GPX file. You need to be logged into the train WiFi to use this tool. First and second class both work.

phpGPX - Simple library for reading and creating GPX files written in PHP.

  •    PHP

Simple library written in PHP for reading and creating GPX files. Library is currently marked as Release Candidate but is already used in production on several project without any problems. Documentation is available using GitHub pages generated by Jekyll.

togpx - convert geojson to gpx

  •    Javascript

Converts GeoJSON to GPX. The result is a string of GPX XML.

derive - Generate personal heatmap from GPX data (for Strava rides/runs, etc.)

  •    Javascript

Generate a heatmap from GPS tracks. Drag and drop one or more GPX/TCX/FIT files or JPEG images into the window. No data is ever uploaded, everything is done client side.

tracklog - Tracklog is a web application for managing GPX track files written in Go.

  •    Go

Tracklog is a web application for managing GPX track files written in Go. There’s a Docker image thcyron/tracklog for Tracklog. This image only contains the server and import binary, you have to bring your own Postgres server. You also have to provide a config file.

iOS-Geofence-Demo - Setup Geofences and get notifications when the device enters or leaves the geofence

  •    Swift

You can setup your own geofence by providing latitude and longitude, and it will notify your app when the device enters or leaves the geofence. Implementation of geofencing can be useful in various cases, You can define geofence that can trigger a notification whenever user enters or leaves the restaurant, Shopping center or particular region.

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