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DataSphereStudio - DataSphereStudio is a one stop data application development& management portal, covering scenarios including data exchange, desensitization/cleansing, analysis/mining, quality measurement, visualization, and task scheduling

  •    Java

DataSphere Studio (DSS for short) is WeDataSphere, a big data platform of WeBank, a self-developed one-stop data application development management portal. Based on Linkis computation middleware, DSS can easily integrate upper-level data application systems, making data application development simple and easy to use.

cloudformation-guard - Guard offers a policy-as-code domain-specific language (DSL) to write rules and validate JSON- and YAML-formatted data such as CloudFormation Templates, K8s configurations, and Terraform JSON plans/configurations against those rules

  •    Rust

AWS CloudFormation Guard is an open-source general-purpose policy-as-code evaluation tool. It provides developers with a simple-to-use, yet powerful and expressive domain-specific language (DSL) to define policies and enables developers to validate JSON- or YAML- formatted structured data with those policies. NOTE: If you are using Guard 1.0, we highly recommend adopting Guard 2.0 because Guard 2.0 is a major release that introduces multiple features to simplify your current policy-as-code experience. Guard 2.0 is backward incompatible with your Guard 1.0 rules and can result in breaking changes. To migrate from Guard 1.0 to Guard 2.0, 1) use migrate command to transition your existing 1.0 rules to 2.0 rules and 2) read all new Guard 2.0 features.

Alaveteli - Provide a Freedom of Information request system for your jurisdiction

  •    Ruby

Provide a Freedom of Information request system for your jurisdiction. It’s a simple concept: citizens use Alaveteli to request information, and the replies are recorded for all to see on the website. Historic requests, along with any resulting correspondence, are archived publicly online. This increases the availability of the requested information, and encourages transparency. Therefore, Alaveteli acts both as a useful tool for citizens, and as an advocacy tool for right-to-know campaigners.

FixMyStreet - mySociety's popular map-based reporting platform

  •    Perl

FixMyStreet Platform is an open source project to help people run websites for reporting common street problems such as potholes and broken street lights to the appropriate authority.

mdn - Meta repository that governs the MDN GitHub organization


Welcome to the mdn repository! This meta repository contains information, procedures, and resources related to all the repos inside the MDN organization — MDN Web Doc's home on GitHub for code, data, and other resources. The MDN organization on GitHub is home to data stores used for various MDN projects, as well as for sample code, tools, and other projects that are useful to web developers as well as people documenting the open web. We encourage contributions to existing projects, as well as the contribution of new projects that help us further our mission to teach web development.

Governance site template (SharePoint 2010)


A template for a governance site on SharePoint 2010. This will help you communicate your governance plan to end users. It serves as a starting point for your governement board and key users.

SharePoint Governance and Manageability


The CodePlex governance workspace is designed to provide IT Professionals tools and resources to support and compliment the management and control aspects of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products.

community - Istio governance material.

  •    Shell

This is the starting point for becoming a contributor - improving code, improving docs, giving talks, etc. Istio is an open platform for providing a uniform way to integrate microservices, manage traffic flow across microservices, enforce policies and aggregate telemetry data. Istio's control plane provides an abstraction layer over the underlying cluster management platform, such as Kubernetes, Mesos, etc.

BITNATION-Framework - Modular and upgradeable framework to create and manage entities in the blockchain

  •    Javascript

The framework is created with smart contracts in Solidity. We dedicated a significant amount of work into making the contracts upgradeable, which is still quite rare in the Ethereum smart contract ecosystem.

foundation - File issues related to the CNCF Foundation


File issues related to the CNCF Foundation

aragon-wiki - The Aragon wiki


If you feel like contributing to the wiki, like changing or adding things, feel free to submit a Pull Request.

poa-dapps-validators - DApp for a list of validators with metadata for POA Network (Core/Sokol)

  •    Javascript

Validators DApp is built for POA Network based blockchains. It gives an opportunity for the current validators of the network to set their personal information on-chain. Also, everyone can view current validators' personal data from this DApp. That's it. After DApp will get a receipt for the transaction you'll see a success message and your personal data will be added to the list of validators.

poa-dapps-voting - POA Network Governance Dapp

  •    Javascript

There are contracts' addresses for sokol and core.

poa-network-consensus-contracts - Main repository for "Identity at stake" meta consensus

  •    Javascript

It will show the bytecode of PoaNetworkConsensus contract. Copy the bytecode and paste it into spec.json. Start Parity UI. In the contracts section press Develop button. Select 0.4.18 Solidity compiler version. Set Optimize to true.

poa-scripts-validator - Script for validator

  •    Javascript

Transfer of reward has configured to execute once in an hour on the validator's node.

steering-council - Communications from the Steering Council


This repo contains activity updates, process, and planning information for the Python Steering Council. These updates provide high level information about the Steering Council's activities.

chooseafoundation - Advice on choosing a FOSS Foundation to host your open source project.

  •    HTML

Inspired by GitHub's Choose A License, I wanted to help FOSS communities take it to the next level of organization. Thus, Choose A Foundation - when your project starts growing, you need to define your governance and decide how to manage project (and contributor!) growth. Choose A Foundation is here to provide non-judgemental suggestions of the most popular FOSS Foundations that accept new projects as member projects. I welcome your input! ✨ 🎉 See CONTRIBUTING.md for how to submit a GitHub issue or PR. All submissions are expected to be under the Apache License 2.0. Please be excellent to each other.

joystream - Landing repo for Joystream project


This landing repo is intended to be the best starting place to get a coherent view of how information is organised in this GitHub organization. The central repos will have multiple members of the core team with write access, but there will be one designated maintainer or "product owner" and responsible for the final product. The maintainer must approve either directly or by delegation (accepting other members' reviews) PRs to be merged.

aws-cost-report - Generate Sheets (Google, Excel and CSV) with useful information about your AWS spendings

  •    Python

Follow the instructions at https://developers.google.com/sheets/api/quickstart/python to setup credentials and API access. The tool is built to use AWS credentials stored in ~/.aws/credentials. If you set the profile to env, the tool will use environment variables you must supply instead.

trackit-client - TrackIt WebUI repository

  •    Javascript

N.B. : If you are not running TrackIt on your local machine, you need to replace the URL of the API. N.B. : If you are not running TrackIt on your local machine, you need to replace the URL of the API.

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