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websocket - A WebSocket implementation for Go.

  •    Go

Gorilla WebSocket is a Go implementation of the WebSocket protocol.The Gorilla WebSocket package provides a complete and tested implementation of the WebSocket protocol. The package API is stable.

handlers - A collection of useful handlers for Go's net/http package.

  •    Go

Other handlers are documented on the Gorilla website.BSD licensed. See the included LICENSE file for details.

csrf - gorilla/csrf provides Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) prevention middleware for Go web applications & services

  •    Go

gorilla/csrf is also compatible with middleware 'helper' libraries like Alice and Negroni....and then collect the token with csrf.Token(r) in your handlers before passing it to the template, JSON body or HTTP header (see below).

gorillascript - GorillaScript is a compile-to-JavaScript language designed to empower the user while attempting to prevent some common errors

  •    Javascript

GorillaScript is a compile-to-JavaScript language designed to empower the user while attempting to prevent some common errors.

wstest - go websocket client for unit testing a websocket handler

  •    Go

The gorilla organization provides full featured websocket implementation that the standard library lacks.The standard library provides a httptest.ResponseRecorder struct that test an http.Handler without ListenAndServe, but is helpless when the connection is being hijacked by an http upgrader. As for testing websockets, it has the httptest.NewServer that actually listens on a socket on an arbitrary port.

pgstore - A Postgres session store backend for gorilla/sessions

  •    Go

A session store backend for gorilla/sessions - src. Available on godoc.org.

pogo - Audio feed generator and CMS

  •    Go

Podcast RSS & JSON feed generator and CMS in Go. There are a couple options for getting Pogo up and running.

gorilla-cpm - GORILLA

  •    Modula-2

This is a Modula-2 (despite the name) implementation for CP/M of the classic "GORILLA.BAS" BASIC game included in MS-DOS 5.0. The choice was mainly due to a historic interest: this compiler (never distributed by Borland) was written by Martin Odersky (the inventor of Scala language) and had never been used by a critical mass of users. So it was both a challenging choice and a historic research.

apitest - Simple behavioral api testing in go

  •    Go

A simple and extensible behavioural testing library in golang. Supports mocking external http calls and renders sequence diagrams on completion. In behavioural tests the internal structure of the app is not known by the tests. Data is input to the system and the outputs are expected to meet certain conditions.

socketcluster-client-go - GO client for socketcluster

  •    Go

Important Note : Default url to socketcluster end-point is always ws://somedomainname.com/socketcluster/. The object received can be String, Boolean, Long or GO structure.

GoWebsocket - Gorilla websockets based simplified websocket-client implementation in GO.

  •    Go

Gorilla websocket based simplified client implementation in GO. Important Note : url to websocket server must be specified with either ws or wss.