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Google Advance Search


An easy way to create documents search at Google and read your emails and Much more

Insert Google Translation


A plugin that will allow you to input some text and translate it and insert it into a blog entry using Windows Live Writer

Gapi.NET - .NET (C#) wrapper for Google AJAX API


.NET (C#) wrapper for Google AJAX API & a high performance JSON parser.


  •    CSharp

Pulse is an application that automatically changes your wallpaper by downloading images from the Internet. You choose the search options.



A simple contact manager, which will fetch list of contacts from user's GMail account. It uses Google's Contact API to fetch contacts, insert new one, modify existing, and delete contacts.

Using the Microsoft Kinect to control GoogleMap

  •    WPF

The project is a WPF application that uses Microsoft Kinect to control google maps. Feel free to learn WPF MVVM pattern and Kinect development from it!

Google Voice Visual Voicemail


This is a Windows Mobile application that acts as a "Visual Voicemail" client for Google Voice on Windows Mobile. It is developed in C# .net 3.5 and utilizes the Silvermoon project to make the GUI more finger friendly.

Display Google Maps in a Sharepoint Web Part using a Sharepoint List


Using this web part you can display points and locations on a Google map and get directions to an from that point. You can either manually enter an individual point or select a list from your Sharepoint site that holds the information that is required - ie. a field for the Bu...

Google API for .NET

  •    DotNet

A wrapper of Google API for .NET communities used some new technologies in .NET 4.

Google Page Speed for .Net

  •    CSharp

This little piece of software sends a request to the Google page speed API, then parses the JSON response and presents them in a nice class. I use this class on this webpage to show the page speed score at the bottom right corner of my site: http://schaffhauser.me

GFC and ASP.Net


Google Friend Connect and ASP.Net Technology

Go Dutch for Android


Go Dutch is a check splitter application for Android based devices and will help you split the bill amount at restaurants. Go Dutch does a fair division of total amount based on what each person ordered rather than just calculating tip & dividing it equally among all participants

Google Static Maps control for Silverlight

  •    Silverlight

This is control for Silverlight that uses Google Static Maps where you can browse the world map, add markers/customs markers with your image/paths/select region.


  •    DotNet

Simple Google Charts API wrapper for .NET projects. Inspired by the Google Charts Sharp project on Google Code.