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Gmail Notifier 2

  •    DotNet

Small clone of google gmail notifier with some usability improvements.

Google Search .NET - API for Google Services in C# .NET


Google Search .NET provides .NET developers access to Google search results through a friendly C# API. The API is based on the Google AJAX Search REST API, which currently supports the following Google services: Web, Local, Video, Blog, News, Book, Image, Patent.

Google Doc Uploader


Very simple application that allows you to upload documents to your own google document area with the right click of a mouse button.



Shuttler is a Framework of Rpc/IM/Tcp-Socket,and makes it easier for Rpc/IM to guys.It's developed in C#. That's just a SHuttlER.... Shuttle on RPC/IM/Distributed-Cache Framework Shuttle on High-PerformanceSocket Shuttle on ProtocolBuffer Shuttle on FastInvoke Shuttle on Passion

GoogleTagManagerBundle - Google Tag Manager Bundle for Symfony 2

  •    PHP

The GoogleTagManagerBundle provides you an easy-to-use method to integrate the Google Tag Manager into your Symfony 2 application. This command requires you to have Composer installed globally, as explained in the installation chapter of the Composer documentation.