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Gizmo - A Microservice Toolkit from The New York Times

  •    Go

Gizmo Microservice Toolkit toolkit provides packages to put together server and pubsub daemons with the following features like Standardized configuration and logging, Health check endpoints with configurable strategies, Configuration for managing pprof endpoints and log levels, Structured logging containing basic request information, Useful metrics for endpoints, Graceful shutdowns, Basic interfaces to define our expectations and vocabulary and lot more.

enqueue-dev - PHP7.1+. Message queue packages for PHP, Symfony, Laravel, Yii, and Magento

  •    PHP

Enqueue is production ready, battle-tested messaging solution for PHP. Provides a common way for programs to create, send, read messages. This is a main development repository. It provides a friendly environment for productive development and testing of all Enqueue related features&packages.

nodejs-pubsub - Node

  •    TypeScript

Cloud Pub/Sub is a fully-managed real-time messaging service that allows you to send and receive messages between independent applications. Select or create a Cloud Platform project.

magento-enqueue - The extension adds messaging capabilities to Magento1 application.

  •    PHP

The extension adds messaging capabilities to Magento application. Forma-Pro is a full stack development company which interests also spread to open source development. Being a team of strong professionals we have an aim an ability to help community by developing cutting edge solutions in the areas of e-commerce, docker & microservice oriented architecture where we have accumulated a huge many-years experience. Our main specialization is Symfony framework based solution, but we are always looking to the technologies that allow us to do our job the best way. We are committed to creating solutions that revolutionize the way how things are developed in aspects of architecture & scalability.

magento2-enqueue - The extension adds messaging capabilities to Magento2 application.

  •    PHP

The module integrates Enqueue Client with Magento2. You can send and consume messages to different message queues such as RabbitMQ, AMQP, STOMP, Amazon SQS, Kafka, Redis, Google PubSub, Gearman, Beanstalk, Google PubSub and others. Or integrate Magento2 app with other applications or service via Message Bus.

weddell - A Google Pub/Sub library for Elixir

  •    Elixir

Weddell is an Elixir client for Google Pub/Sub. Weddell uses Pub/Sub's GRPC API which is still in beta. It also makes use of streaming APIs that are considered experimental. If the beta/experimental status of Weddell worries you Kane may be a better choice. It uses the more mature Pub/Sub REST API.

graphql-google-pubsub - A graphql-subscriptions PubSub Engine using Google PubSub

  •    TypeScript

This package implements the PubSubEngine Interface from the graphql-subscriptions package and also the new AsyncIterator interface. It allows you to connect your subscriptions manger to a Google PubSub mechanism to support multiple subscription manager instances. Subscriptions resolvers are not a function, but an object with subscribe method, that returns AsyncIterable.

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