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AppUpdater - A library that checks for your apps' updates on Google Play, GitHub, Amazon, F-Droid or your own server

  •    Java

Android Library that checks for updates on Google Play, GitHub, Amazon, F-Droid or your own server. This library notifies your apps' updates by showing a Material dialog, Snackbar or notification. Check out the wiki. By default, the basic usage will show a default dialog when a new version is found on the Play Store (otherwise nothing will be shown). By calling the .start() method, the library will work in background. You can cancel it at any time by calling .stop(). Other customizations are explained below.

playmusic - Google Play Music client for node.js.

  •    Javascript

This project is not endorsed by of affiliated with Google in any way. I'm creating a few issues for items that I'd like to have added, but haven't had time to add. If anyone wants to volunteer to submit PRs for them, or is interested in becoming a direct contributor to the project, please comment on those issues or e-mail me.

nine-cards-backend - An Open Source Android Launcher built with Scala on Android

  •    Scala

This repository contains the source code of the Nine-Cards Back-End (NCBE) application.NineCards is an Android Launcher that organizes the applications and data of your phone into several collections. The user can modify these collections, create new collections. Also, a user can publish and curate a shared collection which other users can subscribe to.

product-release-notes - Release notes page for your product that follows iTunes and Google Play

  •    Python

Add a changelog for your website that includes release notes for each of your clients. You can either install it as a package into your existing project, or deploy directly to Heroku.

google-music.js - Browser-side JS library for controlling Google Music

  •    Javascript

Browser-side JS library for controlling Google Music. This was built as part of google-music-webkit, a node-webkit wrapper around Google Music. It was forked from radiant-player-mac@v1.3.1, developed and created by Sajid Anwar and James Fator to make it reusable and well tested.

magic-cookies - Remove all the cookies on the tray! - The Haskell iOS & Android board game


Sorry to hear that. Please, open a new issue or send an email to support@keera.co.uk. Please, be aware that issues reported using github are visible to everybody. If you are including confidential information, please send us an email. We often comment on our progress on Facebook and Twitter. Please, follow us. Everything we publish has to do with multimedia and games in Haskell and other Functional languages.

playup - Publish APKs to Google Play directly from the terminal

  •    Javascript

First you have to create a Google Play API Access. To do that go to the Google Play Developer Console and then with the account owner go to Settings -> API access and create a Google Play Android Developer project. After that follow the instructions to create a Service Account. When you click Create Client ID, choose Service Account. You will get a JSON file with a public key and the service email.

SyncMarket - Let managing your application version update more simply.

  •    Java

You can manage your application's version update or get your market information more simply. This Library used Jsoup. If your application is not published yet or not connected internet, then return string none or do nothing.

autoplay - Gradle plugin for publishing Android artifacts to Google Play.

  •    Kotlin

Gradle plugin for publishing Android artifacts to Google Play. Releases of Autoplay are published to mavenCentral() repository. Check releases section to find lastest release version.

Google-Play-Store-Review-Extractor - ☎️ Extract/Scrape Google Play Store Reviews of any Android Application ☎️

  •    Python

☎️ Extract/Scrape Google Play Store Reviews of any Android Application ☎️

Fire_Sticker - 🍌 "Note it!" project of a published notebook Android App.

  •    Java

Note it! is a lean and elegant notebook aimed for quick idea collections. Inspired by sticky notes, every note here has two colorful sides. It is simple to create, edit and delete a note just as how you do with the sticky notes in the real life.

JonSnow - App Store/Google Play review watcher, deliver new reviews to slack channel

  •    Go

Jon Snow is elected the 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Jon Snow made App Store, Google Play review monitoring easy, build your own service by one click, few configs. No codes needed.