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gnomecast - Chromecast local files from Linux - supports MKV, subtitles and 4K!

  •    Python

If installing in a mkvirtualenv built virtual environment, make sure you include the --system-site-packages parameter to get the GTK bindings.

react-native-track-player - A fully fledged audio module created for music apps

  •    Java

Check Platform Support for more information. After trying to team up modules like react-native-sound, react-native-music-controls and react-native-google-cast, I've noticed that their structure and the way should be tied together can cause a lot problems (mainly on Android). Those can heavily affect the app stability and user experience.

klingar - android music player for plex

  •    Java

Note: Using Klingar requires a Plex account. Local server discovery is not supported at the moment.

OpenCastSwift - An open source implementation of the Google Cast SDK written in Swift

  •    Swift

This framework implements the Google Cast APIs so they can be used in macOS and iOS apps. Google provides an official SDK but it is only for iOS and closed source. I've tested this to work on macOS 10.12 and iOS 11. It may work on earlier versions, I just haven't tested it. Sample apps with some basic functionality are included for both macOS and iOS. The iOS app is more built-out with a working example of casting an audio stream.

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