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Jovo Framework - Build cross-platform voice applications for Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Jovo is the first open source framework that lets you build voice apps for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with only one code base. Besides cross-platform development, Jovo also offers a variety of integrations and easy prototyping capabilities.

WaterLog-assistant-app - Track your daily water intake with Google Assistant and voice interfaces.

Track your daily water intake with Google Assistant and voice interfaces. The main goal for this project is to show full stack solution for voice-interface application. Source code will be developed over time to handle new features and platforms in the future. How this project is different from guides or "hello world" projects at Actions on Google or Dialogflow? It's designed to be production-ready app, contains basic unit tests and clean code to be ready for further development or adaptation in similar apps.

google-assistant-desktop-client - A Cross-Platform Google Assistant Desktop Client Build In Electron

This is an Google Assistant desktop client build in electron, this application is still a w.i.p. We've implemented a way to deal with custom commands, we're using the Google Assistant SDK to recognize speech, once the speech is recongized and our 'command-engine' reconizes the command, we cancel the normal output and run the command.

musicdiscovery-assist - Google Home assistant for music recommendations, built with Python & Flask

This application is no longer active development. This service was refactored and published to Google Action applications using https://github.com/jesseward/songexplorer . The 'musicdiscovery-assist' code will continue to exist here as-is.

node_tradfri_ifttt - Backend to control Ikea TRADFRI from IFTTT

This project is based on google_home_starter by Kyle Peacock. If you haven't already, install git and node.js on your device.

animal-joker - Actions on Google - Animal Joker for kids Sample using API.AI

See the developer guide and release notes at https://developers.google.com/actions/ for more details. For more detailed information on deployment, see the documentation.

awesome-voice-apps - 🕶 A curated list of awesome voice projects, tools, and resources for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more

A curated list of awesome voice projects, tools, and resources for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. To the extent possible under law, Linked Experiences, Inc. has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

google-actions-starter - A Node.js server for Google Assistant (and Google Home).

A Node.js server for your Google Assistant (and Google Home). NOTE: if you're deploying your action on Google Cloud, use your Google Cloud Project ID instead of "my-first-action".

watson-google-assistant - Create an Action for Google Assistant using Watson Assistant

This Code Pattern includes a Watson Assistant workspace to demonstrate an implementation of a retail agent that can ask for reservation schedules and specifics. To demonstrate how to test it with Google Assistant devices, we will setup a Google Action that calls out to our Node.js server which interacts with Watson Assistant. Press the above Deploy to IBM Cloud button and then click on Deploy.

assistant-relay - A Node

Assistant Relay is a Node.js server. It's exposed with an Express Web Server that allows for commands to be sent to the Google Assistant. It also supports the Google Home Broadcast command, so unlike other TTS solutions that cast audio, Assistant Relay allows you to send audio notifications to your Google Home devices, without interrupting music.