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amps-in-the-trunk - Transform HTML directly to Google AMP HTML

  •    Javascript

amps-in-the-trunk sets images to responsive by default. You can change that with imageOverrides. Also most SVGs have incorrect sizing. You could fix the SVGs, or you could override them with imageOverrides. If you want syntax highlighting, AMPS in the Trunk will use highlight.js to highlight the specific blocks.

jstoxml - JavaScript object to XML converter

  •    Javascript

Everyone loves JSON, and more and more folks want to move that direction, but we still need things outputted in XML! Particularly for RSS feeds and Podcasts. This is inspired by node-jsontoxml, which was found to be a bit too rough around the edges. jstoxml attempts to fix that by being more flexible.

tachyons-amp - Stripped down version of Tachyons for developing with Google AMP

  •    CSS

A stripped down version of Tachyons to get under the 50kb cap of minified css for Google Amp pages. Currently 31kb minified. Experimental so likely to have breaking changes.

rails-google-amp-example - An Accelerated Mobile Pages example project in Ruby on Rails.

  •    Ruby

An example app to setup Rails to render AMP pages. You can find the tutorial here, or on Coderwall.

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