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ios-good-practices - Good ideas for iOS development, by Futurice developers.


Interested in other mobile platforms? Our Best Practices in Android Development and Windows App Development Best Practices documents have got you covered. If you are looking for something specific, you can jump right into the relevant section from here.

Design-Patterns-In-Swift - Design Patterns implemented in Swift

  •    Swift

A short cheat-sheet with Xcode 8.2 Playground (Design-Patterns.playground.zip). In software engineering, behavioral design patterns are design patterns that identify common communication patterns between objects and realize these patterns. By doing so, these patterns increase flexibility in carrying out this communication.

Mefisto.NET CMS

  •    DotNet

Mefisto.NET CMS is a project of CMS, developed in ASP.NET MVC4, supporting modularity via MEF, and database access via ORM-Micro (github), a self-made solution.

massa - Keep the quality, good practices and security of Rails projects.

  •    Ruby

It's not rare to have Ruby (and Rails) projects becoming hard to maintain and less fun after a while. This gem helps you to keep or increase the quality, good practices and security of your projects. Massa can run in your CI using different code analyzers tools along with automated tests, instead of running only your automated tests.

Super-Simple-Architecture - Architecture concept for iOS/tvOS/watchOS software in Swift


Nobody is really smart enough to program computers. Something (information) that view is able to show.

http4s-good-practices - Collection of what I consider good practices in Http4s (WIP)


This is a collection of what I consider good practices that I've been learning along the way, designing and writing APIs using Http4s. Be aware that it could be bias towards my preferences. Whenever any of your services or HTTP endpoints need to make use of an HTTP Client, make sure that you create only one instance and pass it along.

Boas-Praticas-Cplusplus - Guia Rápido de Boas Práticas em C++

  •    C++

Este documento apresenta um guia rápido de boas práticas em C++ e é voltado para iniciantes na linguagem mas também pode ser útil para desenvolvedores intermediários. As informações apresentadas neste guia foram obtidas de alguns materiais (livros e blogs), citados nas referências, e de conhecimento prático pessoal.

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