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sb0t ares chat server

Candescent NUI

Hand and finger tracking with Kinect depth data Developed with OpenNI and Microsoft Kinect SDK, Language: c#

Mail Gateway Service

Mail gataway service provide a simple user interface makes it easy to manage, read, write and aggregate different mail accounts (for example IMAP from GMail). Magas support different mail protocols such as IMAP, POP3 include SSL accounts. Magas it's developed in C#.

Mañana MVC Framework

Extension for ASP.NET MVC. This project helps MVC developers to simplify route management in web application. Using this extension you can represent your route as a class and use OOP principals to create hierarchy of routes. This extension solves following problems: 1. Avo...


An open source clone of Elecbyte's MUGEN fighting engine. Built using: C# 3.0 dotNet Framework 2.0 XNA Framework 3 Visual C# 2008 Managed DirectSound

Visual Localizer

Visual Localizer is an opensource plugin for VS 2008, 2010 and 2012. It provides advanced functionality for project localization and resource management.

WPF 3D-Model Viewer

WPF 3D-Model Viewer

good-squeeze - Simple transform stream for event filtering with good.

Simple transform streams useful in creating good data pipelines.good-squeeze is a collection of small transform streams. The Squeeze stream is useful for filtering events based on the good event options. The SafeJson stream is useful for stringifying objects to prevent circular object errors.

good-winston - hapi good-reporter to winston adapter

A hapi good stream to winston logging adapter. This stream clones good-console but terminates logs to winston.

smart-foreground - :art: Calculate matching foreground colors based on backgorund colors.

Calculate matching foreground colors based on backgorund colors. Please post questions on Stack Overflow. You can open issues with questions, as long you add a link to your Stack Overflow question.

npm-module-checklist - Steps to check when starting, working and publishing a module to NPM

You can add the included CHECKLIST.md into your project, or copy it into your README.md; then check items off as you go. Use one of the two badges to let everyone know your module is solid. If you include the separate checklist file, you can automatically insert / update it inside the README. Setup the markdown update as a step in your build process using update-markdown.

good-sentry - Sentry broadcasting for good process monitor

Sentry broadcasting for good process monitor. good-sentry is a write stream used to send hapi server events to a Sentry server.

goodparts - :see_no_evil: An ESLint Style that only allows JavaScript the Good Parts (and "Better Parts") in your code

An ESLint Plugin that only allows JavaScript the Good Parts (and "Better Parts") in your code so you can ship more reliable code. Using JavaScript "The Good Parts" (abreviated to "goodparts") is the best way we know how to write simple, consistent, predictable and 100% cross-browser-compatible JavaScript code.