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revive - 🔥 ~6x faster, stricter, configurable, extensible, and beautiful drop-in replacement for golint

  •    Go

Fast, configurable, extensible, flexible, and beautiful linter for Go. Drop-in replacement of golint. Revive provides a framework for development of custom rules, and lets you define a strict preset for enhancing your development & code review processes. Since the default behavior of revive is compatible with golint, without providing any additional flags, the only difference you'd notice is faster execution.

gometalinter-linter - A Linter For Atom That Runs gometalinter

  •    Javascript

Aggregate and normalise the output of a whole bunch of Go linters.This is helpful if you would like to copy-paste the settings in as a starting point for further customization.

igcommit - Git pre-receive hook to check commits and code style

  •    Python

It is exhausting to edit files again and again to have a consistent style. This project provides a Git pre-receive hook to validate pushed commits on the Git server side. The hook avoids all issues by rejecting any commit not matching the rules to get in to the repository in the first place. The pre-receive hook runs some checks on commits on its own, and searches for programming language specific syntax checkers on the PATH of the server to check changed files with them. The process is pretty fast, because only the added and modified files on the pushed commits are passed to the syntax checkers, also in parallel. It wouldn't slow you down unless your commits are touching hundreds of files.

goup - Checks if there are any updates for imports in your module.

  •    Go

goup checks if there are any updates for imports in your module. It parses go.mod files to get dependencies with their version, uses go-git to retrieve the list of remote tags and performs comparisons to advise to update if necessary. The main purpose is using it as a linter in continuous integration or in development process, but you can also use it to keep updated the go.mod files, see the -f option. It's important to have reproducible CI, so it's recommended to install a specific version of goup available on the releases page.

codeclimate-golint - Code Climate Engine for golint

  •    Go

codeclimate-golint is a Code Climate engine that wraps Golint. You can run it on your command line using the Code Climate CLI, or on our hosted analysis platform. Golint is a linter for Go code. Where as Gofmt automatically reformats code, Golint suggests style issues that may need to be addressed.

mulint - Go lint which detects recursive locks, which may lead to dead locks

  •    Go

As this is stated on the documentation, but is not enforced by the language nor the library, this program tries to detect some recursive read locks on the same goroutine. This should install the lint on your $GOPATH.

precommit-vet-lint - A precommit hook that runs Golint and Vet on your staged go files.

  •    Go

A precommit hook that runs on your staged Go file and reports errors returned by Golint and Vet. Copy the contents of pre-commit file included with this repo in your .git/hooks/pre-commit file. Make sure the file has executable permissions.

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