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atom-beautify - :lipstick: Universal beautification package for Atom editor (:warning: Currently migrating to https://github

  •    CoffeeScript

Atom-Beautify respects the core.telemetryConsent configuration option from Atom editor. If you do not wish to have usage data sent to Google Analytics then please set core.telemetryConsent to no or undecided option before using Atom-Beautify. See Anonymous Analytics section of docs for details. Thank you. Atom-Beautify is going to be completely rewritten with Unibeautify at its core! See unibeautify branch for work in progress and Issue #1174.

go-replace - Replace in file console utility written in golang (for eg. usage in docker images)

  •    Go

Files must be specified as arguments and will be overwritten after parsing. If you want an alternative location for saving the file the argument can be specified as source:destination, eg. go-replace -s foobar -r barfoo daemon.conf.tmpl:daemon.conf. If --path (with or without --path-pattern or --path-regex) the files inside path are used as source and will be overwritten. If daemon.conf.tmpl should be written as daemon.conf the option --output-strip-ext=.tmpl will do this based on the source file name.

gtmpl-rust - golang text/template for rust

  •    Rust

gtmpl-rust provides the Golang text/template engine for Rust. This enables seamless integration of Rust application into the world of devops tools around kubernetes, docker and whatnot. It's not perfect, yet. Help and feedback is more than welcome.

go-api-basic - A RESTful API template (built with Go) - work in progress...

  •    Go

A RESTful API template (built with Go) - work in progress... The goal of this repo/API is to make an example/template of a relational database-backed REST HTTP API that has characteristics needed to ensure success in a high volume environment. I'm gearing this towards beginners, as I struggled with a lot of this over the past couple of years and would like to help others getting started. I have another repo which is really an extension of this one, but has more components (like request/response logging via the httplog module). I'm working on the documentation for that, but wanted to have this repo for simplicity sake.

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