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jackal - An XMPP server written in Go (Golang).

  •    Go

An XMPP server written in Go. jackal is a free, open-source, high performance XMPP server which aims to be known for its stability, simple configuration and low resource consumption.

txpdf - HTML to PDF microservice

  •    XSLT

Check out the article Webpage to PDF Microservice for a quick getting started guide. txPDF is an HTML to PDF microservice by txn2. txPDF is built on top of the n2pdf container exposing an API endpoint that returns a PDF document from web based POST request.

modern-go-application - Modern Go Application example

  •    Go

This repository tries to collect the best practices of application development using Go language. In addition to the language specific details, it also implements various language independent practices. To help adopting these practices, this repository also serves as a boilerplate for new applications.

goframe - a light go web framework

  •    Go

a light go web framework

Distributed-Golang-Game-Server - A distributed game server made with Golang

  •    Go

At first, I just want to learn Golang.I started to think about which is the best way? Because the concurrency mechanisms of Golang is very powerful, I choose online game to verify if I can use Golang to make a efficient game server.For me, this is the first time I make this such hard project. I have to learn Unity, Golang, C# At a time. I am glad that I still have full passion to this project and I never give up. If you want to make your own game by modifying this project, I am pleasured. You can throught these step to make it work.