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go-sciter - Golang bindings of Sciter: the Embeddable HTML/CSS/script engine for modern UI development

  •    Go

Check this page for other language bindings (Delphi / D / Go / .NET / Python / Rust). The ownership of project is transferred to this new organization. Thus the import path for golang should now be github.com/sciter-sdk/go-sciter, but the package name is still sciter.

vulkan - Vulkan API bindings for Go programming language

  •    Go

Package vulkan provides Go bindings for Vulkan — a low-overhead, cross-platform 3D graphics and compute API. Updated October 13, 2018 — Vulkan 1.1.88. Vulkan API is the result of 18 months in an intense collaboration between leading hardware, game engine and platform vendors, built on significant contributions from multiple Khronos members. Vulkan is designed for portability across multiple platforms with desktop and mobile GPU architectures.

confluent-kafka-go - Confluent's Apache Kafka Golang client

  •    Go

confluent-kafka-go is Confluent's Golang client for Apache Kafka and the Confluent Platform.High performance - confluent-kafka-go is a lightweight wrapper around librdkafka, a finely tuned C client.

aac-go - Go bindings for vo-aacenc

  •    Go

aac-go provides AAC codec encoder based on VisualOn AAC encoder library. See micgrab example.

transmissionrpc - Golang bindings for Transmission RPC API

  •    Go

Golang bindings to Transmission (bittorent) RPC interface (Work in Progress). Even if there is some high level wrappers/helpers, the goal of this lib is to stay close to the original API in terms of methods and payloads while enhancing certain types to be more "golangish": timestamps are converted from/to time.Time, numeric durations in time.Duration, booleans in numeric form are converted to real bool, etc...

go-tree-sitter - Golang bindings for tree-sitter https://github.com/tree-sitter/tree-sitter

  •    Go

If your source code changes, you can update the syntax tree. This will take less time than the first parse.

disgord - DisGord is a Go module for interacting with Discord

  •    Go

Go module for interacting with the Discord API. Supports events, REST calls and voice (sending only). The goal is to make bot development easy and handle some nastiness internally; sharding, auto-scaling of shards, caching, provide helper functions, middlewares for events, allow concurrent use of rate limiters, etc.

goxlsxwriter - Golang bindings for libxlsxwriter for writing XLSX files

  •    Go

goxlsxwriter provides Go bindings for the libxlsxwriter C library. Visit http://libxlsxwriter.github.io/getting_started.html for more information on installing libxlsxwriter.

GoRODS - Golang binding for iRODS C API: An iRODS client library written in Golang + C

  •    Go

Golang binding for iRODS C API: An iRODS client library written in Golang + C

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