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modern-go-application - Modern Go Application example

  •    Go

This repository tries to collect the best practices of application development using Go language. In addition to the language specific details, it also implements various language independent practices. To help adopting these practices, this repository also serves as a boilerplate for new applications.

eventsourcing-go - Event Sourcing + CQRS using Golang Tutorial

  •    Go

Imagine that you are working for a large news publisher called Fairflax Media, inspired by flax flower (not to be mistaken with Fairfax Media, of course). You have been tasked with breaking the huge monolith system into microservices and moving everything to Kuberentes. You prefer domain driven design, and believe that each database should only ever be owned by a single application. But as time goes by, you notice that many services need common data. You need to make sure that the data is consistent across all services and the query performance is reasonable.

gonyvido - Youtube downloader

  •    Go

gonyvido provides a higher-level programming interface for integrate video download and conversion features to your go applications. IMPORTANT: gonyvido is still in development phase so please please feel free to contribute and expand it to other video downloading sites.