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gocd - Main repository for GoCD - Continuous Delivery server

  •    Java

This is the main repository for GoCD - a continuous delivery server. GoCD helps you automate and streamline the build-test-release cycle for worry-free, continuous delivery of your product. To quickly build your first pipeline while learning key GoCD concepts, visit our Intro to GoCD guide.

gocd-docker - Docker build, run and push task plugin for GoCD

  •    Java

We can use a Dockerfile to build an image and tag it.If needed, we can run a script against the built image.

hop - CLI to manage GoCD installations using docker and pipeline-as-code

  •    Python

Hop is a CLI tool written in python you can use to manage GoCD installations using docker and pipeline-as-code. The fastest way to try hop is to use the hop-builds-hop example. To try it, clone this very repository, install hop and provision the example.

gocd-build-github-pull-requests - GoCD plugin to build PRs for a Github repo

  •    Java

Addition of the white and blacklist feature to Git Feature Branch plugin changes the identity of the SCM material. This means that it may trigger automatically triggered pipelines that use Git Feature Branch material. When moving from version 1.2.x to 1.3.x be sure to pause all pipelines which shouldn't be triggered or be ready to cancel them in case they are triggered. These plugins require GoCD version v15.x or above.

gocd-slack-build-notifier - GoCD (go.cd) plugin to push build notifications to Slack

  •    Java

Download jar from releases & place it in /plugins/external & restart Go Server. You can find the details on where / how to setup environment variables for GoCD at the documentation.

gocd_docker_compose_example - A simple GoCD demo environment using docker-compose & yaml pipeline as code

  •    Python

a simple GoCD demo environment that completely provisions itself and adds build pipelines (as code), e.g. as a YAML config, via the REST API / an external tool (gomatic) / through an XML config file.

developer.go.cd - GoCD developer documentation

  •    Ruby

Welcome to GoCD - an open-source Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery server. Please take a minute to understand [the basic concepts in Go](introduction/concepts_in_go.md) before you go any further.

docker-gocd-agent - GoCD Agent Docker image

  •    Ruby

The build process uses the Rakefile to build different tasks. There are three tasks that you could build: all images, specific image, and publish the docker images. The URL for environment variable GOCD_AGENT_DOWNLOAD_URL is under the Zip tab from this download webpage.

docker-gocd-server - Docker server image for GoCD

  •    Shell

An Alpine Linux based docker image for GoCD server. You could either download the latest built image from docker hub or build one locally with the zip file from GoCD Download webpage.

docker-registry-artifact-plugin - The docker registry artifact plugin provides a way to push and pull docker images on GoCD

  •    Java

Copy the file build/libs/docker-registry-artifact-plugin-VERSION.jar to the GoCD server under ${GO_SERVER_DIR}/plugins/external and restart the server. The GO_SERVER_DIR is usually /var/lib/go-server on Linux and C:\Program Files\Go Server on Windows. There are three levels of configuration needed in order for publishing and fetching a docker image as an artifact.

docs.go.cd - GoCD user documentation

  •    HTML

Welcome to Go - an Open Sourced Continuous Integration and Release Management system. Please take a minute to understand [the basic concepts in Go](introduction/concepts_in_go.md) before you go any further.

gocd-filebased-authentication-plugin - This plugin is a password file based authentication plugin for GoCD

  •    Java

This is a file based authentication plugin which implements the GoCD Authorization Plugin endpoint. This plugin allows authentication/search of users defined in password files. The plugin currently supports passwords hashed using bcrypt, PBKDF2 and SHA1. See #13 for details.

gocd-helm-chart - A Helm chart for www.gocd.org

  •    Ruby

This repository is for tracking the GoCD related issues that users might face with the helm chart for GoCD.

gocd-ldap-authentication-plugin - LDAP authentication plugin for GoCD

  •    Java

LDAP plugin which implements the GoCD Authorization Plugin endpoint. These plugins require GoCD version v17.5 or above.

kubernetes-elastic-agents - Kubernetes Elastic agent plugin for https://www.gocd.org

  •    Java

Kubernetes Elastic Agent Plugin provides production grade support to run GoCD Elastic Agents on Kubernetes Cluster. Read about setting up a Kubernetes cluster and using the GoCD elastic agent for Kubernetes in our documentation.

plugin-api.go.cd - GoCD plugin developer documentation

  •    Javascript

We encourage you to contribute to Go. For information on contributing to this project, please see our contributor's guide. A lot of useful information like links to user documentation, design documentation, mailing lists etc. can be found in the resources section.

www.go.cd - Github pages repo

  •    Javascript

This repository hosts code for the website at https://www.gocd.org. Then, the site will be available at build/ and can be served locally, if you choose.

go-gocd - GoCD Golang SDK

  •    Go

CLI tool to interface with GoCD Server. Download the latest release from https://github.com/beamly/go-gocd/releases, and place the binary in your $PATH.

terraform-provider-gocd - Terraform Provider for Thoughtworks GoCD

  •    Go

NOTE: terraform does not currently provide a way to easily install 3rd party providers. Until this is implemented, the tf-install-provider utility can be used to copy the provider binary to the correct location. The expectation is to resolve all critical issues within 48 hours and all other issues within 5 business days.

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