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go-micro - A pluggable RPC framework for microservices

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Go Micro is a pluggable RPC framework for microservices. It is part of the Micro toolkit.The Micro philosophy is sane defaults with a pluggable architecture. We provide defaults to get you started quickly but everything can be easily swapped out. It comes with built in support for {json,proto}-rpc encoding, consul or multicast dns for service discovery, http for communication and random hashed client side load balancing.

mediagui - vuejs / vuex powered application

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tl;dr mediaGUI is a web based app to catalogue a movie library. It scans the folders you choose looking for movies, then fetch metadata from themoviedb.org and The OMDB API.mediaGUI's main objective is to be rewritten whenever I want to learn a new technology.

docs - Documentation for micro. Feel free to contribute

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Please feel free to suggest new docs. Either open an issue or PR yourself.

examples - How-to examples of micro. Feel free to contribute

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This is a repository for micro examples. Feel free to contribute.All services require service discovery. The default is Consul or MDNS.

go-grpc - A micro based gRPC framework for microservices

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Go-GRPC is a micro based gRPC framework for microservices.Go-GRPC provides a go-micro.Service leveraging gRPC plugins for the client, server and transport. Go-GRPC shares the go-micro codebase, making it a pluggable gRPC framework for microservices. Everything works just like a go-micro service, using micro generated protobufs and defaulting to consul for service discovery.

go-os - A client library for Micro OS

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Each package is backed by a Micro OS service. Packages can be used independently or with go-micro wrappers.

go-web - A lightweight HTTP microservice library leveraging go-micro

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Go-web is a tiny HTTP web server library which leverages go-micro to create micro web services as first class citizens in a microservice ecosystem. It's merely a wrapper around registration, heartbeating and initialization of the go-micro client. In the future go-platform features may be included.Go-web uses a similar pattern to go-micro. Look at the go-micro readme for starting up the registry.

go-file - A file server library using go-micro

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Go File is a file server library leveraging go-micro. It enables you to serve and consume files via RPC. This is a stripped down version of gotransfer.

go-shopping - A sample suite of services built on the go-micro framework

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This example contains a suite of microservices all built on the go micro framework. The goal of this example is to provide you with a practical example of multiple services operating within a lightweight ecosystem that gives you more than just the simple "hello world" functionality. In addition to 3 backing services, there is a single aggregating API service that mimicks and extremely common best practice in cloud native/microservice development.

go-api - A pluggable API framework

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This example serves /greeter with http methods GET and POST to the Greeter.Hello RPC handler.

go-rcache - A caching layer for the go-micro registry

  •    Go

Go-rcache is a library that provides a caching layer for the go-micro registry. If you're looking for caching in your microservices use the selector.

protoc-gen-micro - Protobuf code generation for micro

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This is protobuf code generation for micro. We use protoc-gen-micro to reduce boilerplate code. We previously maintained a fork of golang/protobuf to include the micro plugin but have since moved to protoc-gen-micro.

tutorials - Step by step guides


This repository contains micro tutorials. Step by step guides for building cloud-native and microservice applications. Contributions are welcome and expected.

go-proxy - A micro proxy library

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Go Proxy is a proxy library for Go Micro. Go Micro is a distributed systems framework for client/server communication. It handles the details around discovery, fault tolerance, rpc communication, etc. We may want to leverage this in broader ecosystems which make use of standard http or we may also want to offload a number of requirements to a single proxy.

enterprise - An enterprise cloud-native toolkit

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Micro Enterprise is a soon to be released turn-key solution for building production ready cloud-native applications. Micro Enterprise is an enterprise version of the micro toolkit. It includes additional features which are absolutely critical for a stable and performant production grade microservice solution.

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