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Gpg4win - GnuPG for Windows

  •    C++

Gpg4win (GNU Privacy Guard for Windows) is encryption software for files and emails. Gpg4win supports both relevant cryptography standards, OpenPGP and S/MIME (X.509), and is the official GnuPG distribution for Windows. It is maintained by the developers of GnuPG.

pwd.sh - Unix shell, GPG-based password manager

  •    Shell

Script to manage passwords in an encrypted file using gpg. New! Purse is a fork which uses public key authentication instead of a master passphrase and can integrate with YubiKey.

YubiKey-Guide - Guide to using YubiKey as a SmartCard for GPG and SSH


This is a guide to using YubiKey as a SmartCard for storing GPG encryption and signing keys. An authentication key can also be created for SSH and used with gpg-agent.

Python-gnupg - Python API which wraps the GNU Privacy Guard

  •    Python

The gnupg module allows Python programs to make use of the functionality provided by the GNU Privacy Guard (abbreviated GPG or GnuPG). Using this module, Python programs can encrypt and decrypt data, digitally sign documents and verify digital signatures, manage (generate, list and delete) encryption keys, using proven Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption technology based on OpenPGP.

caesonia - OpenBSD Email Service

  •    Shell

By design, email message headers need to be public, for exchanges to happen. The body of the message can be encrypted by the user, if desired. Moreover, there is no way to prevent the host from having access to the virtual machine. Therefore, full disk encryption (at rest) may not be necessary. Given our low memory requirements, and the single-purpose concept of email service, Roundcube or other web-based IMAP email clients should be on a different VPS.

gpg-tui - Manage your GnuPG keys with ease! 🔐

  •    Rust

gpg-tui is a Terminal User Interface for GnuPG. It aims to ease the key management operations such as listing/exporting/signing by providing an interface along with the command-line fallback for more complex operations. It is not trying to be a full-fledged interface for all the features that gpg provides but it tries to bring a more interactive approach to key management.



A notepad based GUI for GnuPG (PGP) which allows you to Encrypt/Decrypt on the fly, or save & load encrypted to disk without using temporary clear text files.

trezor-agent - Hardware-based SSH/PGP agent

  •    Python

This project allows you to use various hardware security devices to operate GPG and SSH. Instead of keeping your key on your computer and decrypting it with a passphrase when you want to use it, the key is generated and stored on the device and never reaches your computer. Read more about the design here. You can do things like sign your emails, git commits, and software packages, manage your passwords (with pass and gopass, among others), authenticate web tunnels and file transfers, and more.

neopg - The multiversal cryptoengine!

  •    C++

NeoPG is written in C++11. It starts out as an opinionated fork of the GnuPG code base, and hopefully will evolve to something entirely different.For now, many parts of NeoPG are licensed by the upstream authors under various licenses, including GPL and LGPL variants. Please refer to the copyright notice at the top of every file.

node-gpg - GPG encryption and decryption in node.js by way of the gpg command-line tool

  •    Javascript

This module is a wrapper around gpg for use within Node. Node-GPG takes care of spawning gpg, passing it the correct arguments, and piping input to stdin. It can also pipe input in from files and output out to files. Use Node-GPG if you are considering calling gpg directly from your application.

helm-gpg - Chart signing and verification with GnuPG for Helm.

  •    Shell

Helm has the ability to cryptographically sign and verify charts. This plugin provides integration with GnuPG, making it easier to use than the default helm signing and verifying commands. It is also more secure, since it supports passphrase-encrypted keys. Also check out the Helm Keybase plugin.

gpg-mailer - GnuPG-encrypted emails made easy

  •    PHP

Send GPG-encrypted emails (using zend-mail and Crypt_GPG). To add signing, we pass the signing key to the third argument of the GPGMailer constructor.

scd-pkcs11 - PKCS#11 provider with smart card support via GnuPG

  •    C

The scd-pkcs#11 module is a prototype / proof of concept PKCS#11 provider interfacing to GnuPG's smart card daemon (scdaemon). It allows PKCS#11 aware applications such as Firefox or OpenSSH to use smart cards via GnuPG's builtin smart card support. scd-pkcs#11 is an alternative to the OpenSC PKCS#11 module.

Purse - GPG-based password manager with pub-key authentication

  •    Shell

Purse is a fork of pwd.sh. Both programs are shell scripts which use GPG to manage passwords in an encrypted file. Purse uses asymmetric (public-key) encryption, while pwd.sh uses a symmetric (password) scheme.

generate-secure-pillar - Salt Secure Pillar Tool

  •    Go

A config file can be used to set default values, an example file is created, if there isn't one already, with commented out values. Profiles can be specified and selected via a command line option. (c) 2018 Everbridge, Inc.

dotfiles - Dotfiles for unix.

  •    Shell

If you search an old wallpaper that i've use, search into the list here. A list of dependendies can be found here if need.

cli - share secrets within teams to avoid plain-text secrets from day one

  •    Rust

share-secrets-safely (sheesy) is a solution for managing shared secrets in teams and build pipelines. Like pass, sy allows to setup a vault to store secrets, and share them with your team members and tooling. However, it wants to be a one-stop-shop in a single binary without any dependencies except for a gpg installation, helping users to work with the gpg toolchain and workaround peculiarities.

encrypt.to - Send encrypted PGP messages with one click

  •    Ruby

When your public key is added to a public keyserver open the link: https://encrypt.to/{your-email} or https://encrypt.to/{your-key-id}. Start the code audit now with the Security audit tool.

openpgpkey-control - OpenPGP keys published on your website (WKD)

  •    Shell

Reliability. Safety. Accountability. Avoiding known current problems. OpenPGP is a standard for some tasks in cryptography, supporting signing things and encrypting things, without any central control authority saying who can do what. OpenPGP is not tied to any communications platform and there are multiple interoperable implementations.

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