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NReports is a reporting library using RDL file format, compatible with SQL Reporting Services 2005. It has began as a fork of the latest version 4.1 of fyiReporting (now defunct). Supports NET 3.5 (Windows) and Mono 2.6 or later (Linux).

PyGObject-Tutorial - Tutorial for using GTK+ 3 in Python

An introduction to deveolping GTK+ 3 applications in Python with PyGObject.

HydraPaper - A Gtk utility to set two different backgrounds for each monitor on GNOME (which lacks this feature)

You can find HydraPaper on AUR, as hydrapaper-git (AUR page).HydraPaper is available as a flatpak. You can download it from here.

ansible-dconf - Ansible module for setting DConf entries

Ansible module for setting DConf entries. See also ansible-gsetting.

ansible-gsetting - Ansible module for setting GSettings entries

Ansible module for setting GSettings entries. See also ansible-dconf.

revolt - Better desktop integration for Riot.im (not only) for GNOME

Once installed, updates will be installed automatically when using flatpak update. You can also download the .flatpakref file and double-click on it to have GNOME Software install the application. GNOME Software will also notify you of updates and give you the option to install them.

fractal - Matrix.org gtk+ client

Fractal is a Gtk+ Matrix.org client written in Rust. You need meson and jinja to build this project. Rust and cargo are also needed.

hamster-gtk - A GTK3 time tracker. Powered by 'hamster-lib'

A GTK interface to the hamster time tracker. IMPORTANT At this early stage hamster-gtk is pre-alpha software. As such you are very welcome to take it our for a spin and submit feedback, however you should not rely on it to work properly and most certainly you should not use it in a production environment! You have been warned.

gstreamer-rs - GStreamer bindings for Rust

GStreamer bindings for Rust. Documentation can be found here. These bindings are providing a safe API that can be used to interface with GStreamer, e.g. for writing GStreamer-based applications.

notify - notify is a go dbus implementation for delivering desktop notifications over dbus

It can deliver notifications to desktop using dbus communication, ala how libnotify does it. It has so far only been testing with gnome and gnome-shell 3.16/3.18 in Arch Linux. Please note notify is still in a very early change and no APIs are locked until a 1.0 is released.

lLyrics - A Rhythmbox plugin for displaying lyrics in the sidebar.

lLyrics is a plugin for Rhythmbox, which displays lyrics for the current playing song in the sidebar. It is intended as a replacement of the built-in lyrics plugin of Rhythmbox with more features, better UI integration and more lyrics engines.

gir - Tool to generate rust bindings and user API for glib-based libraries

The GIR is used to generate both the sys level crate and a safe API crate to use the sys level (FFI) crate. Using gir requires both a *.toml and a *.gir for generation of the bindings.

Authenticator - 2FA code generator for GNOME

Two-factor authentication code generator for GNOME. Created with love using Python and GTK+.

hammond - Main repository is over at the GNOME gitlab instance

Listen to your favorite podcasts, right from your desktop. You can get Builder from here.