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travelMap - Extension to GMaps for creating a travel map

  •    Javascript

This project extends the GMaps project and allow a building of map that shows a travel map. This project depends on GMaps and the Google Maps API. The bower package installs the GMaps project as a dependency already. It does not require any other libraries (e.g. no jQuery). It shouldn't have any problems working with any libraries as far as I know.

gmaps-animated-route - 🌎 Example of how to animate a route between two points in Google Maps

  •    Javascript

Example of how to animate a route between two points in Google Maps.

zipcoder - Get zipcode, city and country for given coordinates or user location

  •    Javascript

Uses browser geolocation to determine the current user location. At the moment zipcoder just supports the GoogleMap Geocoding API. In the future this package will support other APIs as well. Feel free to contribute with a pull request.

svelte-googlemaps - Svelte Google Maps Components

  •    Svelte

Particular focus on efficient loading of Google components in an SPA. The GoogleMap and GooglePlacesAutocomplete components are a Google Map and Google Places Autocomplete component respectively.

svelte-mapbox - MapBox Map and Autocomplete components for Svelte (or Vanilla JS)

  •    Svelte

Note that the GeoCoder has a clientside dependency, since it adds about 0.5mb to the bundle size, and significant time to the build time if bundled. The container component is the map, and there are a variety of components which go on the map.

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