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handlebars-wax - The missing Handlebars API for data, partials, helpers, and decorators.

  •    Javascript

The missing Handlebars API. Effortless registration of data, partials, helpers, and decorators using file-system globs, modules, and plain-old JavaScript objects.You may use handlebars-wax to require and register any modules that export a register factory, an object, or a function as partials, helpers, and decorators.

skrub - Irreversible file deletion on every OS

  •    Javascript

In contrast to rm, which leaves file contents unallocated in memory, skrub first floods file(s) with garbage data and then removes them forever. The current method is low fidelity and "will prevent the data from being retrieved simply by reading using standard system functions". Read more in the FAQ below or on Wikipedia here.

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