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browserify-shim - 📩 Makes CommonJS incompatible files browserifyable.

  •    Javascript

For a version compatible with browserify@1.x run npm install browserify-shim@1.x instead. For a version compatible with the v2 API npm install browserify-shim@2.x instead.

esm.sh - A fast, global content delivery network for ES Modules.

  •    Javascript

A fast, global content delivery network for ES Modules. All modules in NPM are transformed to ESM by esbuild. In bundle mode, all dependencies will be bundled into one JS file.

Quicksilver OS Kit NEXT


Quicksilver OS Kit is for linux. It has a script to install a gcc cross compiler, into any architecture. It also includes some libraries to start an os with.

Global Assembly Cache comparison tool

  •    Assembly

The Global Assembly Cache comparison tool allows you to compare the GAC's of two (or more) different machines to view the differences. It helps with making sure the machines are set up similarly.

Copy to GAC

  •    Assembly

A small Visual Studio 2010 Add-in that enables you to copy your compiled class libraries in the global assembly cache from within the visual studio context menu



Toastify adds some missing functionallity to the Spotify client(Windows only). It shows a popup, toast style, dialog on track change and it allows you to use global hot keys for Play/Pause, Next, Previous etc. Toastify is developed using C# and WPF.

vue-global-events - Register global events as a component

  •    Javascript

Thanks to Vue’s event modifiers, handling events is extremely easy however, you’re limited to DOM element events. We decided to change that, so now you can register global events (for example application shortcuts) just like you would listen to events on a component. No need to worry about unregistration either. You can toggle the events with a single v-if. Works with SSR too.

replace-string - Replace all substring matches in a string

  •    Javascript

Similar to String#replace(), but supports replacing multiple matches. You could achieve something similar by putting the string in a RegExp constructor with the global flag and passing it to String#replace(), but you would then have to first escape the string anyways.Returns a new string with all needle matches replaced with replacement.

resolve-global - Resolve the path of a globally installed module

  •    Javascript

Throws if the module can't be found.Returns null instead of throwing if the module can't be found.

browser-env - Simulates a global browser environment using jsdom

  •    Javascript

Simulates a global browser environment using jsdom.This allows you to run browser modules in Node.js 6 or newer with minimal or no effort. Can also be used to test browser modules with any Node.js test framework. Please note, only the DOM is simulated, if you want to run a module that requires more advanced browser features (like localStorage), you'll need to polyfill that seperately.

gel-sass-tools - A collection of Sass Settings & Tools which align to key GEL values

  •    CSS

GEL Sass Tools is a collection of Sass variables, functions and mixins which allows you to work with GEL units consistently within your Sass. It is also required by other GEL Foundations components.You can install this component manually by downloading the content of this Git repo into your project and use a Sass @import to include it in your project.

npm-conf - Get the npm config

  •    Javascript

Returns the npm config.Returns the default npm config.

deumdify - Browserify plugin to expose a standalone bundle as a property of the global object.

  •    Javascript

This module is a Browserify plugin that will expose a standalone bundle as a property of the global object omitting AMD and CommonJS support. The reason for this plugin is that Browserify does not give the ability to generate a standalone bundle without a UMD wrapper.Register the plugin.

execall - Find multiple RegExp matches in a string

  •    Javascript

Instead of having to iterate over RegExp#exec, immutable, and with a nicer result format.Returns an array of objects with a match, sub-matches, and index.

import-global - Import a globally installed module

  •    Javascript

Please don't use this unless absolutely necessary. Local dependencies should be preferred.Throws if the module can't be found.

import-local - Let a globally installed package use a locally installed version of itself if available

  •    Javascript

Useful for CLI tools that want to defer to the user's locally installed version when available, but still work if it's not installed locally. For example, AVA and XO uses this method.

globals - Global identifiers from different JavaScript environments

  •    Javascript

Extracted from JSHint and ESLint and merged.It's just a JSON file, so use it in whatever environment you like.

lexical-scope - detect global and local lexical identifiers from javascript source code

  •    Javascript

If you are using a modern browser, you can go to http://lexical-scope.forbeslindesay.co.uk/ for a live demo.Return a scope structure from a javascript source string src.

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