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load-grunt-tasks - Load multiple grunt tasks using globbing patterns

  •    Javascript

🔥 Want to strengthen your core JavaScript skills and master ES6? I would personally recommend this awesome ES6 course by Wes Bos.Usually you would have to load each task one by one, which is unnecessarily cumbersome.

gaze - :crystal_ball: A globbing fs

  •    Javascript

A globbing fs.watch wrapper built from the best parts of other fine watch libs. Compatible with Node.js 4.x/0.12/0.10, Windows, OSX and Linux. Install the module with: npm install gaze or place into your package.json and run npm install.

del - Delete files and directories

  •    Javascript

Similar to rimraf, but with a Promise API and support for multiple files and globbing. It also protects you against deleting the current working directory and above.Support this project and improve your JavaScript skills with this great ES6 course by Wes Bos. Try his free JavaScript 30 course for a taste of what to expect. You might also like his React and Sublime course.

tiny-glob - 🚀 Super tiny and ~350% faster alternative to node-glob

  •    Javascript

Tiny and extremely fast library to match files and folders using glob patterns. "Globs" is the common name for a specific type of pattern used to match files and folders. It's the patterns you type when you do stuff like ls *.js in your shell or put src/* in a .gitignore file. When used to match filenames, it's sometimes called a "wildcard".

glob - Go glob

  •    Go

Go Globbing Library. This library is created for compile-once patterns. This means, that compilation could take time, but strings matching is done faster, than in case when always parsing template.

matcher - Simple wildcard matching

  •    Javascript

Useful when you want to accept loose string input and regexes/globs are too convoluted.Accepts an array of input's and pattern's.

gulp-filter - Filter files in a vinyl stream

  •    Javascript

Enables you to work on a subset of the original files by filtering them using glob patterns. When you're done and want all the original files back you just use the restore stream.By combining and restoring different filters you can process different sets of files with a single pipeline.

onchange - Use glob patterns to watch file sets and run a command when anything is added, changed or deleted

  •    Javascript

Use glob patterns to watch file sets and run a command when anything is added, changed or deleted. NOTE: Windows users may need to use double quotes rather than single quotes. If used in an npm script, remember to escape the double quotes.

flat-glob - Return glob applied, flattened and duplicate filtered version of the given list of filenames

  •    Javascript

Return glob applied, flattened and duplicate filtered version of the given list of filenames

ignore-walk - Nested/recursive `.gitignore`/`.npmignore` parsing and filtering.

  •    Javascript

Nested/recursive .gitignore/.npmignore parsing and filtering.Walk a directory creating a list of entries, parsing any .ignore files met along the way to exclude files.

vinyl-read - Create vinyl files from glob patterns

  •    Javascript

Returns a promise for an array of vinyl files.Create an array of vinyl files synchronously and return them.

bulk-require - require whole directory of trees in bulk

  •    Javascript

You can also bind arguments by passing in an array instead of a glob string.In this instance data.js has multiple individual exports but argument binding also works if you export a single function with module.exports= assignment.

catw - concatenate file globs, watching for changes

  •    Javascript

because the glob expansions of directories are sorted before concatenating.There is a command-line catw command that ships with this package.

find-config - Like findup-sync, but 2-4x faster and supports XDG-style `.config/` directories.

  •    Javascript

Finds the first matching config file, if any, in the current directory, nearest ancestor, or user's home directory. Supports finding files within a subdirectory of an ancestor directory. Configurable with defaults set to support the XDG Base Directory Specification for configuration files.Because this module is intended to find consistently named configuration files, it is case-sensitive and does not support globs. If you need a more generic solution, see findup-sync or look-up.

handlebars-wax - The missing Handlebars API for data, partials, helpers, and decorators.

  •    Javascript

The missing Handlebars API. Effortless registration of data, partials, helpers, and decorators using file-system globs, modules, and plain-old JavaScript objects.You may use handlebars-wax to require and register any modules that export a register factory, an object, or a function as partials, helpers, and decorators.

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