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one_gadget - The best tool for finding one gadget RCE in libc.so.6

  •    Ruby

When playing ctf pwn challenges we usually need the one-gadget RCE (remote code execution), which leads to call execve('/bin/sh', NULL, NULL). Note: require ruby version >= 2.1.0, you can use ruby --version to check.

alpine-pkg-glibc - A glibc compatibility layer package for Alpine Linux

  •    Shell

This is the GNU C library as a Alpine Linux package to run binaries linked against glibc. This package utilizes a custom built glibc binary based on the vanilla glibc source. Built binary artifacts come from https://github.com/sgerrand/docker-glibc-builder. See the releases page for the latest download links. If you are using tools like localdef you will need the glibc-bin and glibc-i18n packages in addition to the glibc package.

libheap - python library to examine ptmalloc (the glibc userland heap implementation)

  •    Python

[libheap] is a python library to examine ptmalloc (the glibc userland heap implementation). Please refer to the Install Guide.

docker-alpine-glibc - Carefully crafted Alpine Docker image with glibc (~12MB)


This image is based on Alpine Linux image, which is only a 5MB image, and contains glibc to enable proprietary projects compiled against glibc (e.g. OracleJDK, Anaconda) work on Alpine. This image includes some quirks to make glibc work side by side with musl libc (default in Alpine Linux). glibc packages for Alpine Linux are prepared by Sasha Gerrand and the releases are published in sgerrand/alpine-pkg-glibc github repo.

ewxb_gcc_cross-compiler_builder - Build a full GCC+glibc toolchain from scratch (with Go support)

  •    Shell

This is a script documenting the steps and phases take when I compiled a GCC cross toolchain for GCC 4.9 head (with Go support). Building a cross-compiler is complex due to dependencies so a lot of bootstrapping has to be done. This script is inspired by Jim Blandy's excellent eglibc cross-compiling guide posted at eglibc's mailinglist at [patches] Cross-building instructions. This script can serve as a starting point for those who want to build a x-toolchain from scratch. Don't expect it to work in directly as it's tailored for my setup. Instead you can re-use the phases and modify the script with parameters that you need. The last phases adds Go support, which is easy to comment out if you're only interested in a C/C++ compiler.

docker-glibc-builder - A glibc binary package builder in Docker

  •    Shell

A glibc binary package builder in Docker. Produces a glibc binary package that can be imported into a rootfs to run applications dynamically linked against glibc.

std-benchmark - A benchmark for standard libraries

  •    Assembly

A benchmark for c/c++ standard library. Remember to use a generator for Win64 otherwise 32-bit binaries will be built. For more help see config.bat in the top level directory. It has some useful tricks which allows you to use git-bash for building and running the tests.

pyspaces - Works with Linux namespaces througth glibc with pure python

  •    Python

I want to change this: I want to create native python bindings to glibc with interface of python multiprocessing.Process. PS: you can look at python-nsenter too, it's looks awesome.

CVE-2018-1000001 - glibc getcwd() local privilege escalation compiled binaries

  •    C

Attention: All rights to the exploit writer. I have just compiled and organized a repository for this CVE. Then you're probably vulnerable.

detect-libc - Node.js module to detect the C standard library (libc) for use with prebuild

  •    Python

Node.js module to detect the C standard library (libc) implementation family and version in use on a given Linux system. Provides a value suitable for use with the LIBC option of prebuild, prebuild-ci and prebuild-install, therefore allowing build and provision of pre-compiled binaries for musl-based Linux e.g. Alpine as well as glibc-based.

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