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glsl-testify - Test your GLSL shaders using GLSL!

  •    Javascript

Depreacted (for now): fun idea, but needs a better execution.glsl-testify allows you to write tests inside your GLSL shaders, which can then be easily executed using the included CLI tool or manually run using the module API.

fontpath-gl - a gl implementation of vector font rendering

  •    Javascript

A 2D fontpath renderer for stackgl. As opposed to gl-render-text, which is texture based, this renderer is path-based.The following will produce filled text, drawn with triangles.

get-image-pixels - Gets the RGBA pixel array from an Image/Video/Canvas source

  •    Javascript

Uses an intermediary canvas node to grab the RGBA pixels of the given source, with an optional clipping region. Works on HTML Canvas, Image, and Video elements.Gets the RGBA pixels from HTML Image/Video/Canvas element as a Uint8Array with some optional parameters.

gl-basic-shader - generates a basic shader with vertex attributes

  •    Javascript

If the texcoord, normal or color options are false (or texcoord is 0) then that attribute will not be included in the shader.The projection, model, and view matrices are set to an identity matrix initially.

gl-vignette-background - a soft gradient background in WebGL

  •    Javascript

Also see three-vignette-background for a ThreeJS version of this module, with a slightly different API and noise algorithm.See demo/index.js for a full-screen example.

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