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glab - An open-source GitLab command line tool bringing GitLab's cool features to your command line

  •    Go

GLab is an open source GitLab CLI tool bringing GitLab to your terminal next to where you are already working with git and your code without switching between windows and browser tabs. Work with issues, merge requests, watch running pipelines directly from your CLI among other features. Inspired by gh, the official GitHub CLI tool. glab is available for repositories hosted on GitLab.com and self-hosted GitLab Instances. glab supports multiple authenticated GitLab instances and automatically detects the authenticated hostname from the remotes available in the working git directory.

python-gitlab - Python wrapper for the GitLab API

  •    Python

python-gitlab is a Python package providing access to the GitLab server API. It supports the v4 API of GitLab, and provides a CLI tool (gitlab).

cml - ♾️ CML - Continuous Machine Learning | CI/CD for ML

  •    Javascript

What is CML? Continuous Machine Learning (CML) is an open-source CLI tool for implementing continuous integration & delivery (CI/CD) with a focus on MLOps. Use it to automate development workflows — including machine provisioning, model training and evaluation, comparing ML experiments across project history, and monitoring changing datasets. CML can help train and evaluate models — and then generate a visual report with results and metrics — automatically on every pull request.

vrnetlab - Run virtual routers with docker

  •    Python

Run your favourite virtual routers in docker for convenient labbing, development and testing. vrnetlab is being developed for the TeraStream project at Deutsche Telekom as part of an automated CI environment for testing our network provisioning system.

git-push-deploy - Simple Automated CI/CD Pipeline for GitHub and GitLab Projects

  •    CSharp

All related deployment operations are performed via Jelastic API. Herewith, if a server runs multiple containers, all of them will be restarted sequentially (with a 30-second delay by default) during the update to eliminate possible application downtime. Beside that, a special ZDT Deployment option is used for PHP applications, ensuring their constant availability even with a single application server node.To install the Git-Push-Deploy package, copy link to the manifest.jps file above and import it to your Jelastic dashboard.

docker-phpfarm - A Dockerfile to build an image running multiple PHP versions on Apache

  •    Shell

This is a build file to create a phpfarm setup. The resulting docker image will run Apache on different ports with different PHP versions accessed via FCGI. The different PHP CLI binaries are accessible as well. There are two tags for this image: wheezy and jessie, referring to the underlying Debian base system releases. If you need PHP 5.1 or 5.2 you have to use the wheezy tag, otherwise the jessie image provides a more modern environment.

gitlab-radiator - The missing GitLab build radiator view

  •    Javascript

gitlab-radiator is a small Node.js application for serving a Jenkins Radiator View inspired web view of your team's CI pipelines fetched from a GitLab CI installation running locally or remotely. You might prefer providing the CA file location in configuration instead of totally disabling TLS certificate checking.

typo3-gitlab-ci - Gitlab CI configuration for your TYPO3 project.

  •    PHP

This package can help you to set up deployment of your TYPO3 installation with GitLab CI. Your TYPO3 installation has to be composer based. Run composer update to install everything. You'll find a .env.example in your root directory. Copy it to .env, add it to .gitignore and populate it with the settings for your local TYPO3 installation.

gitlab-setup - A Packer / Terraform / Ansible configuration to install Gitlab and Gitlab-CI

  •    HCL

This template is a POC to setup a Gitlab system with High Availability on Amazon Web Service Cloud. This template is heavily inspired by Gitlab university : HA on AWS.

kdtool - Kubernetes deployment utility

  •    Python

Note: Prior to version 1.8.0-1, kdtool was known as gitlab-kube-deploy. It has been renamed as its scope has expanded and it's no longer specific to GitLab. kdtool is a utility for deploying applications and interacting with deployed applications on Kubernetes, with an emphasis on deploying from GitLab and other CI applications. It can be installed and used standalone from the command line, or as a container image in Docker-based CI workflows.

GitLabApiClient - GitLab API client

  •    CSharp

GitLabApiClient is a .NET rest client for GitLab API v4 (https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/api/README.html). Issues API: Create issue. Update issue. Query issues.

GitLabCLI - Cross platform GitLab CLI tool

  •    CSharp

To boost your productivity it's recommended to set default project also. So you will not need to specify it everytime. All commands have both short & long syntax.

gitlab-ci-dashboard - Dashboard for monitoring GitLab CI builds and pipelines for TV

  •    Javascript

Dashboard for monitoring GitLab CI builds and pipelines for TV. This is a fork from gitlab-ci-monitor. This project can runs completely in the browser with few parameters on querystring or run in standalone mode using command-line, you can use querystring parameters or using all parameters on json config file.

mozaik-ext-gitlab - Mozaïk GitLab widgets

  •    Javascript

This branch contains code for the version compatible with Mozaïk v2, if you're looking for v1, please use mozaik-1 branch. This repository contains some widgets to use with Mozaïk.

lab - Lab wraps Git or Hub, making it simple to clone, fork, and interact with repositories on GitLab

  •    Go

Lab wraps Git or Hub, making it simple to clone, fork, and interact with repositories on GitLab, including seamless workflows for creating merge requests, issues and snippets. The hub tool made my life significantly easier and still does! lab is heavily inspired by hub and attempts to provide a similar feel.

terraform-kubernetes - Example of deploying a Kubernetes cluster to Google Cloud using Terraform

  •    HCL

This repository contains an example of deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in a reliable and repeatable way. Terraform is used to describe the desired state of the infrastructure, thus implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach.

smalltalkCI - Framework for testing Smalltalk projects on Linux, macOS, and Windows and on Travis CI, AppVeyor, and GitLab CI/CD

  •    Smalltalk

Community-supported framework for testing Smalltalk projects on Linux, OS X, and Windows with built-in support for Travis CI, AppVeyor, and GitLab CI/CD. It is inspired by builderCI and aims to provide a uniform and easy way to load and test Smalltalk projects.

ci-matters - Integration (comparison) of different continuous integration services on Android project

  •    Groovy

Integration (comparison) of different continuous integration services on Android project. This table should help people make a decision which CI to choose for the project.

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