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gibo - A shell script for easily accessing gitignore boilerplates

  •    Shell

gibo (short for .gitignore boilerplates) is a shell script to help you easily access .gitignore boilerplates from github.com/github/gitignore. For additional usage instructions, run gibo without arguments.

gitignore - The largest collection of useful .gitignore templates

  •    Shell

A .gitignore file is the foundation of all templates. Each .gitignore file contains gitignore information related to the title of the file. For example, Go.gitignore contains a gitignore template that is used when creating a project using the Go programming language.

GIG - A cli :computer: tool to generate gitignore files for your projects. Written in python :snake:

  •    Python

Generate language/framework specific .gitignore from the comfort of your terminal. This is a work in progress. A simple CLI tool to generate .gitignore files for your projects. It can generate .gitignore files specific to more than 100 languages or frameworks.