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gitignore - A collection of useful .gitignore templates


This is GitHub’s collection of .gitignore file templates. We use this list to populate the .gitignore template choosers available in the GitHub.com interface when creating new repositories and files.The files in the root directory are for .gitignore templates that are project specific, such as language or framework specific templates. Global (operating system or editor specific) templates should go into the Global/ directory.

gibo - A shell script for easily accessing gitignore boilerplates

  •    Shell

gibo (short for .gitignore boilerplates) is a shell script to help you easily access .gitignore boilerplates from github.com/github/gitignore. For additional usage instructions, run gibo without arguments.

idea-gitignore - .ignore support plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

  •    Java

Restart IDE. To generate new ignore file, just click on File > New or use Alt + Insert shortcut and select .ignore file element.

gitignore.io - Create useful .gitignore files for your project

  •    Javascript

To run gitignore.io from your command line you need an active internet connection and an environment function. You need to add a function to your environment that lets you access the gitignore.io API.

joe - :running: A .gitignore magician in your command line

  •    Go

A .gitignore magician in your command line. Joe generates .gitignore files from the command line for you. After install, make sure to run joe u. This will download all .gitignore files in ~/joe-data/ folder.

idea-gitignore - .ignore support plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

  •    Kotlin

Since v4.0.0, .ignore plugin updates will be delivered only to the latest stable IDE version. No worries! It means .ignore for all IDE version from before - 139-193 - will be frozen at v3.x.x.

deglob - :open_file_folder: Take a list of glob patterns and return an array of file locations, respecting `

  •    Javascript

Take a list of glob patterns and return an array of file locations, respecting .gitignore and allowing for ignore patterns via package.json.deglob will look for a package.json file by default and use any ignore patterns defined.

gulp-exclude-gitignore - Gulp plugin to exclude file contained in .gitignore from the stream

  •    Javascript

The usual fix is to add negative glob patterns to your gulp.src() call. Doesn't this feel verbose and tedious? There is a better way! You already have this list inside your .gitignore file, let's just use it.If this option is present, it gives the path to the git ignore file. By default this option is set to .gitignore.

ue4-gitignore - A git setup example with git-lfs for Unreal Engine 4 projects.


A correct git setup example with git-lfs for Unreal Engine 4 projects. This template implies some conventions to be used correctly, which are discussed below. You should be able copy and paste them into your project's README.md if you want to.

gitignore.rs - Implementation of .gitignore file parsing and glob testing in Rust.

  •    Rust

This is an implementation of .gitignore parsing and matching in Rust. Use this library if you want to check whether a given path would be excluded by a .gitignore file. It currently builds on both nighly and stable versions of Rust.

vscode-ignore-gitignore - [unmaintained] Add files from .gitignore to your VS Code ignored files.

  •    TypeScript

A Visual Studio Code extension to use your .gitignore file to set ignored files in your editor. Then, select that option and the "search.exclude" and "files.exclude" sections of your workplace configuration will be overwritten with the values from any .gitignore files in your project.

gitignore - A simple tool built with Go to copy .gitignore patterns from github.com/github/gitignore

  •    Go

Creates a .gitignore in the current working directory with the defaults for the specified type of project. But wait, there's more! You can chain multiple gitignores together.

development - A repository for the discussion and publication of the CFPB development team standards

  •    Shell

A guide for the development team at the CFPB. Capital Framework is our modular front end framework. New projects should start with the Capital Framework and the file structure generated by generator-cf.

package-cleanup - Nodejs cli app to clean packages before deploy

  •    Javascript

Command-line tool to delete all unnecessary files or copy necessary by gitignore-like patterns. If you need only to copy files use tartifacts instead.

dotfiles - /home/@yous

  •    Vim

@yous' dotfiles. In Windows, use install.bat. It links files into the user's home directory.

ignore-file - Compile an ignore file (similar to .gitignore) to a Javascript function

  •    Javascript

Compile an ignore file (similar to .gitignore) to a Javascript function

parse-gitignore - Parse a gitignore file into an array of patterns

  •    Javascript

Parse a gitignore file into an array of patterns. Comments and empty lines are stripped. Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

gitignore - The largest collection of useful .gitignore templates

  •    Shell

A .gitignore file is the foundation of all templates. Each .gitignore file contains gitignore information related to the title of the file. For example, Go.gitignore contains a gitignore template that is used when creating a project using the Go programming language.

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