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gitsome - A supercharged Git/GitHub command line interface (CLI)

  •    Python

An Official Integration for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise.The Git command line does not integrate with GitHub, forcing you to toggle between command line and browser.

roadmap - GitHub public roadmap


In this repository, you can find the official GitHub public product roadmap. Our product roadmap is where you can learn about what features we're working on, what stage they're in, and when we expect to bring them to you. Have any questions or comments about items on the roadmap? Join the discussion over on the GitHub Community Forum or share your feedback via the GitHub public feedback discussions page. The roadmap repository is for communicating GitHub’s roadmap. Existing issues are currently read-only, and we are locking conversations, as we get started. Interaction limits are also in place to ensure issues originate from GitHub. We’re planning to iterate on the format of the roadmap itself, and we see potential to engage more in discussions about the future of GitHub products and features. If you have feedback about this roadmap repository itself, such as how the issues are presented, let us know through this Share feedback page.

feedback - Public feedback discussions for: GitHub Mobile, GitHub Discussions, GitHub Codespaces, GitHub Sponsors, GitHub Issues and general product feedback


These discussions are where you can share suggestions for how the products should be improved and discuss those improvements with the community, including members of the GitHub product team. Check out Making suggestions to learn how to provide feedback. This repository works in conjunction with the GitHub public product roadmap, which is where you can learn about what features we're working on, what stage they're in, and when we expect to bring them to you. Accordingly, the Issues feature of this repository has been disabled. Discussion categories have been established for specific features listed above, as well as a general category for other topics. Additional categories may be added in the future. In the meantime, topics outside of the listed categories above, will be transferred into the general category. Please review the CODE OF CONDUCT before participating in discussions.

backup-utils - GitHub Enterprise Backup Utilities

  •    Shell

This repository includes backup and recovery utilities for GitHub Enterprise.The backup utilities implement a number of advanced capabilities for backup hosts, built on top of the backup and restore features already included in GitHub Enterprise.

codebox-npm - Serverless private npm registry using https://serverless.com/

  •    Javascript

Codebox npm is a serverless npm registry to allow companies that wish to keep their intellectual property. It allows sharing of npm modules within a company but additionally allows access to all of the modules on public npm. One other major difference is that it replaces npm login authentication to be via github / github enterprise. Users are always required to be authenticated when using codebox as their npm registry. It is currently compatible with the latest version of the npm & yarn cli.

ghe-backup - A Github Enterprise backup approach based on Docker and multiple AWS accounts

  •    Python

Zalando Tech's Github Enterprise backup approach.Github Enterprise at Zalando Tech is a Ha setup running master and replica instances on AWS. The AWS account that runs the high availability setup also runs one backup host. There is a second backup host running in a different AWS account. We believe this backup gives us reliable backup data even in case one AWS is compromised.

octokit.swift - A Swift API Client for GitHub and GitHub Enterprise

  •    Swift

Octokit supports both, Github and Github Enterprise. Authentication is handled using Configurations. There are two types of Configurations, TokenConfiguration and OAuthConfiguration.

ansible-ghe-configure - Ansible Playbook to configure a GitHub Enterprise instance


This playbook deploys and configures an instance of GitHub Enterprise into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. To use it, first edit the group_vars/github inventory file to contain the details of your Amazon subscription, instance deployment details as well as the preferred management console password for your new instance. When the playbook run completes, you should be able to see the GitHub Enterprise instance running in the AWS account you provided.

scotty - Helper scripts for GitHub Enterprise admins

  •    Shell

Scotty is a collection of helper scripts for GitHub Enterprise administrators. Copy ghe.config.template to ghe.config and adjust it to your environment. In addition, it is recommended to setup the Git credential helper as this mechanism is used for GitHub API calls.

svn-to-github - Comprehensive Tool for Converting SVN to Git in Bulk

  •    Shell

This routine will convert an SVN repo to github. If it has nested projects, those projects will become git submodules linked to their nearest ancestor. The git master branch is created from trunk, and a .gitinore file is added from svn properties. Trunk is left intact and untouched as a branch, unless --no-branches or --no-preserve-trunk is used, in which case only master will exist, which will be the original trunk converted There is a .gitignore file that is created from the original repo, and used as the first commit on the new master branch. Files and folders above the trunk are considered part of the repository and are added to the new master branch as the final conversion commit. Trunk directories are created in each master branch and point to the trunk branch to maintain the trunk directory tree for trunks, but can be disabled through option --no-preserve-trunk. Nested repos Under Trunk only exist in the master branch, and not in the trunk branch. LDAP is required to be configured in order for svn Author lookups to work when building the "SVN Authors File" for full names and email addresses, otherwise svn commits will not be linked to their users in github. Conversion time could very greatly Conversion time factors are, directory size, commit length of branches/tags and trunk(s) and the greatest factor of all is missing branches or tags. When a branch is deleted from svn permanently, the conversion process must start over from the beginning of the commit chain for every occurrence. It is highly advisable one does not attempt to prune out unwanted branches or tags prior to conversion, but rather after because doing so will result in longer conversion time and errors in the logs.

enterprise-config-for-git - A painless Git setup with an easy way to share Git configs and scripts within a company using GitHub Enterprise

  •    Shell

A painless Git setup with an easy way to share Git configs and scripts within a company using GitHub Enterprise. Enterprise Config for Git adds a new Git setup command (e.g. git mycompany) to your Git config (via Git config alias) that configures a developer machine. The setup command checks the installed Git version, ensures Git LFS is installed properly, configures the user name and email based on the GitHub Enterprise profile, and configures the Git credential helper with a GitHub Enterprise token. It also adds an easy way to distribute company Git configs (e.g. Git push protection) and Git helper scripts (e.g. git adsk clone).

hubble - 🛰 Collaboration, usage, and health data visualization for GitHub Enterprise

  •    Python

Hubble Enterprise visualizes GitHub Enterprise collaboration, usage, and health data. ⚠️ Attention: Hubble Enterprise is not supported by or affiliated with GitHub. Use it at your own risk! Autodesk assumes no responsibility for any data loss or hardship incurred directly or indirectly by using Hubble Enterprise.

ghe-line-notify - LINE Notify Gateway for Github Enterprise.

  •    Python

Let's try. Default uses sqlite, and creates sqlite's db file at ~/.ghe-line-notif/app.db.

labeler - Manage labels on GitHub as code

  •    Go

Label management (create/rename/update/delete) on Github as code. Get binaries for OS X / Linux / Windows from the latest release.

go-scm - Package scm provides a unified interface to multiple source code management systems.

  •    Go

Package scm provides a unified interface to multiple source code management systems including GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server, Gitea and Gogs. The scm client does not directly handle authentication. Instead, when creating a new client, provide a http.Client that can handle authentication for you. For convenience, this library includes oauth1 and oauth2 implementations that can be used to authenticate requests.

github2mr - Export all your github repositories to a form suitable for 'myrepos' to work with.

  •    Go

Many Github users have a large number of repositories upon which they work, and managing them all can sometimes be difficult. This repository contains a simple command-line client which allows you to easily generate a configuration file containing all your github repositories fetching them via the Github API with various filtering and limiting options.

intuit-spring-cloud-config-validator - Validation tools for Spring Cloud Config repos:

  •    Python

Github Enterprise pre-receive hook implementation for status validations: Commits and Pull Requests validated by running a python script that performs static validation of configuration repos used by Spring Cloud Config with .json, .yaml, .yml and .properties files. It implements the basic Pre-Receive hook steps detailed at https://help.github.com/enterprise/2.6/admin/guides/developer-workflow/creating-a-pre-receive-hook-script/.

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