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build-push-action - GitHub Action to build and push Docker images with Buildx

  •    TypeScript

v2 of this action includes significant updates and now uses Docker Buildx. It's also rewritten as a typescript-action to be as close as possible of the GitHub Runner during its execution. Upgrade notes with many usage examples have been added to handle most use cases but v1 is still available through releases/v1 branch.

flutter-action - Flutter environment for use in actions. It works on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

  •    TypeScript

This action sets up a flutter environment for use in actions. It works on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

action-tmate - Debug your GitHub Actions via SSH by using tmate to get access to the runner system itself

  •    Javascript

This GitHub Action offers you a direct way to interact with the host system on which the actual scripts (Actions) will run. By using this minimal example a tmate session will be created.

actions-gh-pages - GitHub Actions for GitHub Pages πŸš€ Deploy static files and publish your site easily

  •    TypeScript

The next example step will deploy ./public directory to the remote gh-pages branch. For newbies of GitHub Actions: Note that the GITHUB_TOKEN is NOT a personal access token. A GitHub Actions runner automatically creates a GITHUB_TOKEN secret to authenticate in your workflow. So, you can start to deploy immediately without any configuration.

cibuildwheel - 🎑 Build Python wheels for all the platforms on CI with minimal configuration.

  •    Python

Python wheels are great. Building them across Mac, Linux, Windows, on multiple versions of Python, is not. cibuildwheel is here to help. cibuildwheel runs on your CI server - currently it supports GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, Travis CI, AppVeyor, CircleCI, and GitLab CI - and it builds and tests your wheels across all of your platforms.

cml - ♾️ CML - Continuous Machine Learning | CI/CD for ML

  •    Javascript

What is CML? Continuous Machine Learning (CML) is an open-source CLI tool for implementing continuous integration & delivery (CI/CD) with a focus on MLOps. Use it to automate development workflows — including machine provisioning, model training and evaluation, comparing ML experiments across project history, and monitoring changing datasets. CML can help train and evaluate models — and then generate a visual report with results and metrics — automatically on every pull request.

covid19-dashboard - A site that displays up to date COVID-19 stats, powered by fastpages.

  •    Jupyter

This project showcases how you can use fastpages to create a static dashboard that update regularly using Jupyter Notebooks. Using fastpages, data professionals can share dashboards (that are updated with new data automatically) without requiring any expertise in front end development. The content of this site shows statistics and reports regarding Covid-19.

Publish-Docker-Github-Action - A Github Action used to build and publish Docker images

  •    Shell

This Action for Docker uses the Git branch as the Docker tag for building and pushing the container. Hereby the master-branch is published as the latest-tag. name is the name of the image you would like to push username the login username for the registry password the authentication token [preferred] or login password for the registry.

Nektos Act - Run your GitHub Actions locally

  •    Go

Nektos Act helps to run your GitHub Actions locally. ather than having to commit/push every time you want to test out the changes you are making to your .github/workflows/ files (or for any changes to embedded GitHub actions), you can use act to run the actions locally. The environment variables and filesystem are all configured to match what GitHub provide. With act, you can use the GitHub Actions defined in your .github/workflows/ to replace your Makefile!

actions-hugo - GitHub Actions for Hugo ⚑️ Setup Hugo quickly and build your site fast

  •    TypeScript

This Hugo Setup Action can install Hugo to a virtual machine of GitHub Actions. Hugo extended version, Hugo Modules, Linux (Ubuntu), macOS, and Windows are supported. Set extended: true to use a Hugo extended version.

goreleaser-action - :octocat: GitHub Action for GoReleaser

  •    TypeScript

IMPORTANT: note the fetch-depth: 0 input in Checkout step. It is required for the changelog to work correctly. For detailed instructions please follow GitHub Actions workflow syntax.

actionlint - :octocat: Static checker for GitHub Actions workflow files

  •    Go

See the document for full list of checks done by actionlint. Install actionlint command by downloading the released binary or by Homebrew or by go install. See the installation document for more details like how to manage the command with Homebrew or run via Docker container.

paths-filter - Conditionally run actions based on files modified by PR, feature branch or pushed commits

  •    TypeScript

Github Action that enables conditional execution of workflow steps and jobs, based on the files modified by pull request, on a feature branch, or by the recently pushed commits. Run slow tasks like integration tests or deployments only for changed components. It saves time and resources, especially in monorepo setups. Github workflows built-in path filters don't allow this because they don't work on a level of individual jobs or steps.

action-hosting-deploy - Automatically deploy shareable previews for your Firebase Hosting sites

  •    TypeScript

A full setup guide can be found in the Firebase Hosting docs. The Firebase CLI can get you set up quickly with a default configuration.

multi-stage-build-example - Example repository to accompany my talk at Velocity 2018

  •    Makefile

This repository contains a working example for the talk at Velocity 2018 in London on Advanced Docker image build patterns. The focus is on the Dockerfile, with other tooling or code included to make that example actually work. The application is written in Python, but hopefully the ideas should be pretty generally applicable. The Makefile is included as much as documentation as for actual usage. I've included an annotated version of the Dockerfile below. The above Dockerfile is also used for running the tests in Google Cloud Build. See the accompanying cloudbuild.yaml file for details. The plan is to mechanically generate this file from the Dockerfile.

gh-actions-demo - GitOps pipeline with GitHub actions and Weave Cloud

  •    Go

GitHub Actions will become a major player on the CI SaaS market. It can easily replace most CI tools out there especially if you ship code as container images. With GitHub Actions you can do more than CI/CD. Most tasks performed today with bots (code sign validations, issue management, notifications, etc) can be made into workflows and run solely by GitHub. Why would you give up your current CI SaaS and self hosted bots for GitHub Actions? For one, GitHub Actions simplifies automation tasks by offering a serverless platform that is capable of handling most development tasks. As a developer you don't want to jump from one SaaS to another in order to diagnose a build error. The fewer environments you have to use on a regular basis, the more productive you'll be. Not to mention that as a developer you probably spend most of your time on GitHub anyway.

vim-github-actions - Vim syntax/indent support for GitHub Actions *.workflow files

  •    Vim

This is a Vim filetype support for GitHub Actions. If you use any package manager, please follow its instruction.

auto-assign - πŸ€– A Probot app that adds reviewers to pull requests when pull requests are opened.

  •    TypeScript

A GitHub App built with Probot that adds reviewers/assignees to pull requests when pull requests are opened. See Contributing for more information about making improvements to auto-assign.

github-action - :zap::octocat: A Github Action for deploying with the Serverless Framework

  •    Dockerfile

This Action wraps the Serverless Framework to enable common Serverless commands. The Dockerfile and associated scripts and documentation in this project are released under the Apache-2 license.

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