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vim-gitgutter - A Vim plugin which shows a git diff in the gutter (sign column) and stages/undoes hunks

  •    Vim

A Vim plugin which shows a git diff in the 'gutter' (sign column). It shows whether each line has been added, modified, and where lines have been removed. You can also stage and undo individual hunks. If you work with other version control systems, I recommend vim-signify.

vim-signify - :heavy_plus_sign: Show a diff using Vim its sign column.

  •    Vim

Signify (or just Sy) uses the sign column to indicate added, modified and removed lines in a file that is managed by a version control system (VCS). If git is the only version control system you use, I suggest having a look at vim-gitgutter.

vimagit - Ease your git workflow within Vim

  •    Vim

Ease your git workflow within vim. Take a look at TL;DR to start using it immediately.

vim-grepper - :space_invader: Helps you win at grep.

  •    Vim

Use your favorite grep tool (ag, ack, git grep, ripgrep, pt, sift, findstr, grep) to start an asynchronous search. All matches will be put in a quickfix or location list. This plugin works with Vim and Neovim on Unix-like systems. It's mostly working on Windows as well.

committia.vim - A Vim plugin for more pleasant editing on commit messages

  •    Vim

When you type git commit, Vim starts and opens a commit buffer. This plugin improves the commit buffer. committia.vim splits the buffer into 3 windows; edit window, status window and diff window. You no longer need to repeat scroll and back to the former position in order to see a long commit diff. If the width of Vim window is too narrow (160 characters by default), committia.vim falls back to single column mode, which has 2 windows; edit window and diff window.

dots - Personal *nix configuration files

  •    Vim

Neovim is a free, cross-platform text editor based on Vim, and is arguably the best editor currently in existence. Although Neovim is admittedly better suited for writing code than prose (largely because of its awkward handling of soft-wrapped lines), I use it for pretty much everything. Emacs is a free, cross-platform text editor, mail client, news reader, organizer, and more. It is the second-best text editor currently in existence. It does not take the streamlined, minimalistic approach that (Neo)Vim does, but it can be made to emulate Vim. I use Emacs for the excellent Org mode. See my emacs.org file for more.

auto-git-diff - A vim plugin which shows git diff for Git Rebase Interactive

  •    Vim

auto-git-diff is a vim plugin which shows git diff between each commit and its parent commit below the commit list window of git rebase interactive. When you move a text-cursor in git-rebase-todo file, auto-git-diff gets a commit hash of the line where the cursor exists and update the diff window.

ghpr-blame.vim - Vim plugin which is like `git-blame`, but for pull requests on GitHub

  •    Vim

ghpr-blame.vim is a Vim plugin to investigate which line is modified by which pull request. It's like git-blame, but git-blame shows which line is modified by which commit. This Vim plugin was inspired by @kazuho's tiny script.

gina.vim - Asynchronously control git repositories in Neovim/Vim 8

  •    Vim

gina.vim (gina) is a plugin to asynchronously control git repositories. The plugin was developed based on the success of lambdalisue/vim-gita. So gina.vim has most of the outstanding features of vim-gita and drops some unwilling points.

vim-unified-diff - A plugin for using unified diff in vimdiff

  •    Vim

This plugin is a plugin to use an external diff program which only support unified-diff in vimdiff. In default, it uses git diff --histogram so that installing this plugin automatically improve your vimdiff quality.

dotfiles - :wrench: The very heart of an efficient work environment

  •    Vim

Proper dotfiles are the very heart of an efficient working environment. This repository ships a set of configuration files for modern command line tools, such as tmux, vim, and zsh. Additionally, it provides a portable script for managing dotfiles and quickly getting up and runninng on a new machine.

scorsh - Signed-Commit Remote Shell - authenticated trigger for remote execution via Git

  •    Go

scorsh lets you trigger commands on a remote git server through commits, optionally signed with gnupg. scorsh is written in Go.

etc-skel - /etc/skel with super cool confs for tmux, psql, inputrc, git, bash, dircolors, and more.

  •    Vim

Minimal configuration for remote servers. These configurations were extracted from rafi/.config and rafi/vim-config. Visit these repositories for the original full configuration.

dotfiles - Stores my various config files, like my vimrc.

  •    Vim

Just various config files with some setup files for quickly setting up a new dev environment on another computer.

grunt-release-it - Interactive release task for Git repositories

  •    Javascript

Interactive release tool for Git repositories. Options: run build command first, release to distribution repository (or branch), create GitHub release, publish to npm. Automatically bump version, commit, tag, push, done.

fugitive-gitlab.vim - An extension to fugitive.vim for gitlab support

  •    Vim

fugitive.vim is undoubtedly the best Git wrapper of all time. This plugin allows you to use it with https://gitlab.com or your own private gitlab instance.

dotfiles - My various dotfiles.

  •    Vim

Those are my 'dotfiles', my personal configuration files for the things I use all day for work or pleasure: my shells and my text editor. This repository also contains some little scripts that had a purpose at some point or still have one, open-sourced for the sake of it. Sharing is caring.