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np - A better `npm publish`

  •    Javascript

Support my open source work by buying this excellent Node.js course.Run np without arguments to launch the interactive UI that guides you through publishing a new version.

pushover - git push deploy server over http

  •    Javascript

Serve up git repositories over http and accept git pushes.This library makes it super easy to set up custom git push deploy logic.

ploy - git push at this http router and it will host your branches on subdomains

  •    Javascript

server.js should host its http server on process.env.PORT.Now your server.js will be running on http://localhost/. If you push again to master, in a few seconds the new master code will be running on http://localhost/.

code-status - Check if any of your git projects needs attention

  •    Javascript

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, this module will find and list the projects.The paths defaults to the current directory if not specified. The code-status program will look through that directory and all sub-directories scanning for git projects.

pushhub - A github inspired interface to browse your Git repositories, built on top of expressjs and pushover

  •    Javascript

A github inspired interface to browse your Git repositories, built on top of Express and Pushover. point your browser to http://localhost:3000/ to see your repositories.

careful - Validate git branches according to git-flow before you push / commit code.

  •    Javascript

Provides a binary that can be used as a git-hook to validate branch names according to git-flow prior to pushing upstream. Skip all checks for certain branches.

cicada - a teeny git-based continuous integration server

  •    Javascript

Create a new ci server using opts.repodir for storing git blobs and opts.workdir for checking out code.If opts.repodir is a function, check out repositories to the directory specified by the return value of opts.repodir(repo) where repo is the repo name as a string.

github-push-receive - issue a `git push` in response to a github post-receive hook payload

  •    Javascript

Issue a git push in response to a github post-receive hook payload.The github payloads received by this server will be forwarded to the git server running on http://localhost:8051. You can use whichever protocol you like here since github-push-receive just shells out to git.

git-watcher - Git GUI desktop app that shows real-time diff file information for working directory and index

  •    Javascript

Git Watcher is a multi-platform desktop app written in pure HTML and Javascript using nw.js (node-webkit). It shows diff information about local staged/unstaged files and allows you to commit changes. UI is updated in real-time by detecting file changes and git index changes. Submodules also inform changes to their parent module.


  •    PHP

A simple yet powerful PHP tool to catch Git webhooks from GitLab, GitHub & Bitbucket and deploy your projects to your server after pushing. © 2017 Noël Bossart. Made in Switzerland.

github-release-from-changelog - Create GitHub releases from CHANGELOG.md

  •    Javascript

Included in npmpub(lish) !. This tool edits the git tag on GitHub and create a GitHub release with the correct CHANGELOG.md section.

grunt-git-deploy - Deploy files to any branch of any remote git repository.

  •    Javascript

Deploy files to any branch of any remote git repository. This plugin requires Grunt ~0.4.1 and must be used with Git 1.8.3 or better (see Git changelog).

pushit - Guarantee Git pushes real good with Salt-N-Pepa

  •    Javascript

Windows users will have to install mplayer and add mplayer to the PATH. Mac and Linux users may also install mplayer if pushit doesn't work (but it should). Audio snippet from Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It" will play to make sure Git pushes real good.

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