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dotfiles - vim, zsh, git, homebrew, nvm, nginx, neovim - my whole world

  •    Shell

Welcome to my world. This is a collection of vim, tmux, and zsh configurations. Interested in a video walkthrough of the dotfiles? Check out my talk, vim + tmux. First, you may want to backup any existing files that exist so this doesn't overwrite your work.

yadm - Yet Another Dotfiles Manager

  •    Shell

Features, usage, examples and installation instructions can be found on the website.

dotfiles - 💻 macOS / Ubuntu dotfiles

  •    Shell

These are the base dotfiles that I start with when I set up a new environment. For more specific local needs I use the .local files described in the Local Settings section. The ~/.bash.local file it will be automatically sourced after all the other bash related files, thus, allowing its content to add to or overwrite the existing aliases, settings, PATH, etc.

dotfiles - Let's be honest: mostly Emacs.

  •    Shell

I hope you like fiddling with your .emacs.d ad nauseam, 'cause I obviously do. Clone this thing wherever you like (I use ~/.dotfiles), install GNU stow, and run the install.sh script. That'll set up a bunch of symlinks in your home directory, e.g., ~/.bashrc → ~/.dotfiles/bash/.bashrc.

dotdrop - Save your dotfiles once, deploy them everywhere

  •    Python

Dotdrop makes the management of dotfiles between different hosts easy. It allows to store your dotfiles on git and automagically deploy different versions of the same file on different setups. It also allows to manage different sets of dotfiles. For example you can have a set of dotfiles for your home laptop and a different set for your office desktop. Those sets may overlap and different versions of the same dotfiles can be deployed on different predefined profiles. Or you may have a main set of dotfiles for your everyday's host and a sub-set you only need to deploy to temporary hosts (cloud VM, etc) that may be using a slightly different version of some of the dotfiles.

gitrc - A bunch of shell scripts and files dedicated to my use of Git

  •    Shell

In lieu of the core dotfiles growing large and me being a Git power user, I figured it made sense splitting it out into its own repository. This repository would include things like the core configuration, aliases and binaries that accelerate one's use of Git (or just mine).

dotfiles - :wrench: The very heart of an efficient work environment

  •    Vim

Proper dotfiles are the very heart of an efficient working environment. This repository ships a set of configuration files for modern command line tools, such as tmux, vim, and zsh. Additionally, it provides a portable script for managing dotfiles and quickly getting up and runninng on a new machine.

etc-skel - /etc/skel with super cool confs for tmux, psql, inputrc, git, bash, dircolors, and more.

  •    Vim

Minimal configuration for remote servers. These configurations were extracted from rafi/.config and rafi/vim-config. Visit these repositories for the original full configuration.

dotfiles - Stores my various config files, like my vimrc.

  •    Vim

Just various config files with some setup files for quickly setting up a new dev environment on another computer.

dotfiles - My various dotfiles.

  •    Vim

Those are my 'dotfiles', my personal configuration files for the things I use all day for work or pleasure: my shells and my text editor. This repository also contains some little scripts that had a purpose at some point or still have one, open-sourced for the sake of it. Sharing is caring.

dotfiles - Dotfiles

  •    Shell

My dotfiles for: bash, zsh, vim, git, tmux, screen and useful tools, etc.

dotfiles - My system configuration.

  •    Shell

My system configuration. These are some of the packages in the Brewfile which I use daily.

dotfiles - mac OS, Arch Linux, and Debian/Ubuntu

  •    Vim

For mac, see full install details in mac/README.md. After symlinking, ~/.dotfiles/bootstrap/cleanup can detect and move pre-existing dotfiles that might conflict with these.

dotfiles - Config files for bash, completions, atom, git, irb, rails, etc.

  •    Ruby

These are config files to set up a system the way I like it. I am running on macOS, but I hope to gradually adapt this project to work on my Linux systems as well.