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gith - simple node server that responds to github post-receive events with meaningful data

  •    Javascript

In your node application, require gith and create a gith server. You can specify a port now, or you can use the .listen( portNumber ) method later. Pass an object of how you want to filter gith (if at all) and subscribe to an event.

git-confirm - :question: Git hook to catch placeholders and temporary changes (TODO / @ignore) before you commit them

  •    Shell

Git hook to catch placeholders and temporary changes (TODO / @ignore) before you commit them. If you're security conscious, you may be reasonably suspicious of curling executable files. Here you're on HTTPS throughout though, and you're not piping directly to execution so you can check contents and the hash (against MD5 04baf1f87974681a92ee7fe8c0aa3aaa for v0.2.1) before using this, if you like.

hitched - 🐠 Git hooks, made easy and lightweight for Node

  •    Javascript

With hitched, you can easily prevent garbage-y commits and keep bad code out of your repositories.Simply install hitched as a dependency...

git_tracker - Some simple tricks that make working with Pivotal Tracker even better

  •    Ruby

GitTracker, or git-tracker, is a Git hook that will scan your current branch name looking for something it recognizes as a Pivotal Tracker story number. If it finds one, it will automagically add it, in the special format, to your commit message. You need to get the git-tracker binary onto your system.

modular-git-hooks - A tool for organizing git hooks into directories of modular files.

  •    Shell

Sometimes, you want to perform several different actions in one git hook. For example, you might find several useful pre-commit hooks online, all of which you would like to enable in your git repository. One fragile way to accomplish this is to copy-and-paste all of the code from those various pre-commit hooks into the single hook that git requires, named hooks/pre-commit. This is, of course, impossible if some of those hooks are implemented in differing languages.

pre-git - Automatically install pre-commit / pre-push hooks in your git repo

  •    Javascript

Important git hooks implemented using Nodejs for your project. You can easily run the pre-commit and pre-push Git hooks to avoid breaking the local master branch or the remote master.

git-guppy - Simple git-hook integration for your gulp workflows.

  •    Javascript

Simple git-hook integration for your gulp workflows. guppy streamlines and extends your git-hooks by integrating them with your gulp workflow. This enables you to have gulp tasks that run when triggered by a git-hook, which means you can do cool things like abort a commit if your tests are failing. Git-hooks can now be managed through npm, allowing them to automatically be installed and updated. And because they integrate with gulp, it's easy to modify the workflow and even combine hooks with your other gulp tasks.

php-backslasher - [Git hook] Tool to add all PHP internal functions and constants to its namespace by adding backslash to them

  •    PHP

Tool to add all PHP internal functions and constants to its namespace by adding backslash to them. Function resolution without the backslash forces the PHP internals to verify for each function call if function or constant belongs to current namespace or the global namespace. With the backslash PHP does not check the current namespace and therefore execution is faster when using OP Cache.

php-forbidden-functions - [Git hook] Command line to look for functions that should be avoided

  •    PHP

Why? Because someone should look for forbidden functions that should be avoided in production. Typical examples are print_r, var_dump, exit and die function calls.

rubocop_runner - runs rubocop for changed files, can be used as pre-commit hook

  •    Ruby

This gem provides you with a rake task to install rubocop as a git pre-commit hook. If rubocop finds any issues it will abort the commit. It will try to auto-correct all issues in the files that are being commited, but will abort the commit even if all issues can be auto-corrected so that you can verify the changes before actually commiting them. Although this gem has no tests it's battle tested and is in use at runtastic since years.

gitmoji-commit-hook - Start the commit message with an applicable emoji

  •    Javascript

This package follow KISS principle, the only thing it does is to allow you to add an emoji from gitmojis list to your commit.

igcommit - Git pre-receive hook to check commits and code style

  •    Python

It is exhausting to edit files again and again to have a consistent style. This project provides a Git pre-receive hook to validate pushed commits on the Git server side. The hook avoids all issues by rejecting any commit not matching the rules to get in to the repository in the first place. The pre-receive hook runs some checks on commits on its own, and searches for programming language specific syntax checkers on the PATH of the server to check changed files with them. The process is pretty fast, because only the added and modified files on the pushed commits are passed to the syntax checkers, also in parallel. It wouldn't slow you down unless your commits are touching hundreds of files.

elixir_git_hooks - Add git hooks to Elixir projects

  •    Elixir

Installs git hooks that will run in your Elixir project. Any git hook type is supported, check here the hooks list.

php-pre-commit - :octocat: Git pre-commit hook designed for PHP projects.

  •    Shell

Kudos for Johnathan Pulos for his amazing Gist 😉.

intuit-spring-cloud-config-validator - Validation tools for Spring Cloud Config repos:

  •    Python

Github Enterprise pre-receive hook implementation for status validations: Commits and Pull Requests validated by running a python script that performs static validation of configuration repos used by Spring Cloud Config with .json, .yaml, .yml and .properties files. It implements the basic Pre-Receive hook steps detailed at https://help.github.com/enterprise/2.6/admin/guides/developer-workflow/creating-a-pre-receive-hook-script/.

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