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snibox - Self-hosted snippet manager

  •    Ruby

Snibox is a self-hosted snippet manager. Developed to collect and organize code snippets. Supports various programming languages, markdown, plain text. It may take up to 30 seconds to wake up free Heroku's server.

Lepton - 💻 Democratizing Snippet Management (macOS/Win/Linux)

  •    Javascript

Lepton is a lean code snippet manager based on GitHub Gist. Check out its latest release. Check out the .leptonrc template to explore different customization options.

gistlog - GistLog - simple, easy blogging based on GitHub gists

  •    CSS

Turn your gists into easy, beautiful, responsive blog posts--each a "GistLog". Just paste a Gist URL into GistLog.co and you're up and running. You can also just replace gist.github.com in any URL with gistlog.co, and you instantly have a beautiful GistLog.

Gistlyn - Run Roslyn Gists

  •    TypeScript

Github project powering gistlyn.com - A C# Gist IDE for creating, running and sharing stand-alone, executable C# snippets.Gistlyn is the ultimate collaborative tool for trying out and exploring C# and .NET libraries on NuGet from a zero install - modern browser. It's ideal for use as a companion tool for trying out libraries during development or on the go from the comfort of your iPad by going to gistlyn.com.

gistr - Interact with GitHub gists from R

  •    R

gistr is a light interface to GitHub's gists for R.Or dev version from GitHub.

gisht - Gists in the shell

  •    Rust

Binaries are available for Linux and Mac. Windows binaries coming soon.

gist-blog-ssr - Build a server rendered Vue.js blog with Nuxt and Vuex using API Gist as backend

  •    Vue

Vue.js has a first-class ecosystem to help construct Vue.js apps. This includes Nuxt.js which enables server-rendered applications and a page-based approach. This workshop will start with an empty app and walk through how to use Vue.js for building the app, Nuxt.js for organizing the app, and Vuex for managing state.

gisty - CLI for creating github gists

  •    Go

Command Line Interface tool for creating, editing and displaying github gists. Note: Make sure your ENV variable $GITHUB_TOKEN is set to the personal github access token.

neko-box - 😺 Pinnable dynamic Gist with your latest AniList activity.

  •    Python

Neko-Box is a simple GitHub Action built to make dynamic Gist displaying your latest activity from AniList. Fork this repository.

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