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gist-vim - vimscript for gist

  •    VimL

This is a vimscript for creating gists (http://gist.github.com).For the latest version please see https://github.com/mattn/gist-vim.

git-repo - Git-Repo: CLI utility to manage git services from your workspace

  •    Python

For the past few months I've been really busy coding on stuff that puts food on the table… And sadly, I cannot give this project all the love it deserves. Which is why it's taken me months to spend a few hours merge and release the PRs featured in this repository. actually the namespace is facultative, as per default you can (and want to) only create new repositories within your own account.

stackedit - In-browser Markdown editor

  •    Javascript

Full-featured, open-source Markdown editor based on PageDown, the Markdown library used by Stack Overflow and the other Stack Exchange sites. NOTE: This page has been written and published with StackEdit.

Lepton - 💻 Democratizing Snippet Management (macOS/Win/Linux)

  •    Javascript

Lepton is a lean code snippet manager based on GitHub Gist. Check out its latest release. Check out the .leptonrc template to explore different customization options.

gistup - Create a gist from terminal, then use git to update it.

  •    Javascript

Create a gist from the command line! Then just use git to update it. For more, read the tutorial: Let’s Make a Block.



Gist takes a number of randomly chosen images from a Google image search and merges them together to make a new image.

awesome-gists - A collection of amazing gists


A collection of awesome gists. Feel free to contribute. Most used services to deploy, and host your applications.

jquery-gist - jQuery plugin for embedding GitHub Gist into web-page

  •    JQuery

jQuery plugin for embedding GitHub Gist into web-page

sequential - An environment to visualize JavaScript code execution in a browser

  •    Javascript

The purpose of sequential is to provide an environment to show JavaScript code execution in a browser.sequential gives JavaScript authors the means to write the most concise and most natural (i.e. sequential) script to present any JavaScript work.

gist-manager - View and create gists within Brackets editor

  •    Javascript

Gist Manager is a Brackets and Adobe Edge Code extension which allows you to search, consult and create Gists from GitHub.It has lot of features and every help to improve them is very welcome.

gist-it - Create a GitHub Gist from text files.

  •    Javascript

A. When I ran into some issues and got a error.log, the best way to report bugs is gist-it error.log and post the link to it on the issue you created.B. Somebody asked me to provide a repo to reproduce a bug, so I made it locally and upload it to gist in order to share with him without creating a repo for that.

ghcopy - Dead simple copy paste from your shell to github gist

  •    Javascript

a file called ~/.ghcopy containing your token was created. if you are not in windows the permissions have been set so only you can read and write on it. it does not store your username.if you are not comfortable with this you can create your token manually with curl and specify it each time you invoke ghcopy.

gist-cli - A gist cli client written in Node

  •    Javascript

A gist cli client written in Node.I updated git one day, and it blew away my API token that gist was using. Since git doesn't actually use a single user-specific API token any more, it's impossible to get it back, and I couldn't figure out how to make my gists stop being anonymous, so hence this package.

github-gists - Get all gists from a GitHub user

  •    Javascript

Username to fetch gists from.Token to authenticate with. Use this to increase the request count. GitHub supports up to 60 unauthenticated request per hour.

gist-txt - A minimal text adventure engine

  •    Javascript

A minimal text adventure engine. This project has been inspired by Twine and bl.ocks.org.

github - CommonJS library for accessing GitHub API

  •    Javascript

The Github control library is currently doing work using the Github's v2 / v1 / and different hacks for gist API. The aim is a CommonJS library that others can build on top of. Additional aim of project is to push Github folks in providing API for gist service.

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