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giraffe - Gracefully Integrated Remote Access For Files and Execution

  •    Java

Giraffe is a Java library that integrates local and remote file system access with command execution behind a common, familiar API. It combines new classes for command execution with remote implementations of the java.nio.file API introduced in Java 7.Giraffe is available from JCenter or Palantir's Bintray repository.

giraffe-template - A dotnet new template for Giraffe web applications.

  •    F#

Giraffe web application template for the dotnet new command. This will pull and install the giraffe-template NuGet package in your .NET environment and make it available to subsequent dotnet new commands.


  •    F#

Alternative routing API for Giraffe web applications which is aimed at maximum performance. The Giraffe.TokenRouter module adds alternative HttpHandler functions to route incoming HTTP requests through a basic Radix Tree. Several routing handlers (e.g.: routef and subRoute) have been overridden in such a way that path matching and value parsing are significantly faster than using the basic choose function.

Fable.Remoting - Type-safe communication (RPC-style) for F# featuring Fable and .NET Apps

  •    F#

Fable.Remoting is a library that enables type-safe client-server communication (RPC) for Fable and .NET Apps. It abstracts away http and lets you think of your client-server interactions only in terms of pure functions and being only a part of the webserver. The library runs everywhere on the backend: As Suave WebPart, as Giraffe/Saturn HttpHandler or any other framework as Asp.net core middleware. On the client you can use Fable or .NET.

Giraffe - Giraffe is the package of socket

  •    Javascript

If you want add your message type, you can add method in the folder of src/giraffe.js. Then, build the file.