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PINRemoteImage - A thread safe, performant, feature rich image fetcher

  •    Objective-C

PINRemoteImageManager is an image downloading, processing and caching manager. It uses the concept of download and processing tasks to ensure that even if multiple calls to download or process an image are made, it only occurs one time (unless an item is no longer in the cache). PINRemoteImageManager is backed by GCD and safe to access from multiple threads simultaneously. It ensures that images are decoded off the main thread so that animation performance isn't affected. None of its exposed methods allow for synchronous access. However, it is optimized to call completions on the calling thread if an item is in its memory cache. PINRemoteImage supports downloading many types of files. It, of course, supports both PNGs and JPGs. It also supports decoding WebP images if Google's library is available. It even supports GIFs via returning FLAnimatedImages if it's compiled in (though this can be disabled).


  •    Python

Takes in a GIF, short video, or a query to the Tenor GIF API and converts it to animated ASCII art. Animation and color support are performed using ANSI escape sequences. Requires Python 3 (with setuptools and pip), zlib, libjpeg, and ffmpeg, other dependencies are installed by setup.py.

gifs - :joy: :camera: :sparkler: Storage place for all mah gifs.

  •    HTML

Storage place for all my favorite gifs. Feel free to open a pull request if you have a gif that you really think belongs in here. However, I will only accept images that I think I will personally want to use.

gifplayer - Customizable jquery plugin to play and stop animated gifs

  •    Javascript

Customizable jquery plugin to play and stop animated gifs. Similar to 9gag's. Support for video formats

givegif - GIFs on the command line

  •    Haskell

Find and display GIFs from the command line.Displaying the GIF inline requires iTerm >=2.9.

LithoGifSearch - A basic application which searches gifs on gihpy and displays in the app

  •    Java

Facebook recently open sourced Litho - A declarative UI framework for Android. From what I have heard, Litho is inspired by React. React has concept of components so that it can be easily reused and rendered (with jsx). To follow that I have made some components. In Litho, component describes a set of views or components put together to get something meaningful. Litho generates code for the component based on the spec that you write. There are two different types of component specs available.

hubot-gif-me - Bring your personal gifs into your favourite chat client.

  •    CoffeeScript

Bring your personal gifs into your favourite chat client. These instructions assume you've deployed Hubot to Heroku. Please make the appropriate adjustments for other hosting solutions.

pi-timelapse - Time-lapse app for Raspberry Pi computers.

  •    Python

There are a ton of different Time-Lapse scripts and apps built for the Raspberry Pi, but I wanted to make a more customized setup for my own needs. After the capture is completed, the images will be stored in a directory named series-[current date].

gify - JavaScript API for decoding/parsing information from animated GIFs using ArrayBuffers.

  •    Javascript

JavaScript API for decoding/parsing information from animated GIFs using ArrayBuffers. Once I saw vinepeek, I immediately wanted to build a similar site for animated GIFs. The only problem was, there was no way to quickly determine the duration of an animated GIF, which varies in different browsers. Thus, gify was born over a weekend.

EmoticonGIFKeyboard - An advance Emoticons & GIF keyboard.

  •    Java

EmoticonGIFKeyboard is an easy to integrate, customizable and lightweight library to add support for emojis and GIFs. Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

cerebro-gif - Cerebro plugin to find relevant gifs

  •    Javascript

In Cerebro, type gif something or something gif, to find gifs, related to something. Use cmd+c to copy url of found gif to clipboard.

gifcurry - :point_right: Your open source video to GIF maker built with Haskell.

  •    Haskell

Gifcurry is your only open source video-to-GIF maker built with Haskell. Load a video, make some edits, and save it as a GIF—it's that easy. Most video formats should work so go wild. And since it's made with Haskell, you know it's good. For the command line averse, there is a GUI. Die-hard terminal aficionado? Gifcurry has you covered with its CLI. And for the Haskell programmers out there, there is also a library API.

make-me-lol - :smile: A command-line tool to make you laugh

  •    Javascript

A command-line tool to make you laugh. Because who doesn't like to laugh, amirite? 😛 All ya gotta do is type the command and it opens a random funny picture, gif or video from Reddit. You gotta have at least node v4.0.0 or an --harmony node version (tested in v0.12.7) for this to work, cause it's pretty ES6exy with it's use of Promises and all.

inward - 🌈 A real-time gif visualisation of online radio techno mixes

  •    Javascript

Inward is a weekend hack project inspired by 'Trif', built in a day or so. It uses the web audio API to analyse an incoming audio stream (coming from SoundCloud), to toggle the visibility of some trippy gifs. There's also a hidden feature..somewhere.. Inward is a SoundCloud visualisation project. The app takes in a stream (from SoundCloud), analyses it in real-time, and uses frequency data to flash between different preselected gifs.

react-giphy - A React component displaying awesome gifs from Giphy.com.

  •    Javascript

A React component displaying awesome gifs from Giphy.com. Use tags like 'cat' or 'llama'.

Pornsearch - Easy way to search for porn content!

  •    Javascript

You can create a new instance with two parameters: the first one is the query, what you want to search, the second one is the driver (Pornhub default).

giphy-gitter - get the perfect gif in your gitter activity feed

  •    Javascript

This little bot send a gif to a gitter channel of choice, using the unofficial new /giphy command and a search word. To use the bot, create the file config.js by simply duplicating config.example.js and filling out the fields.

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