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menyoki - Screen{shot,cast} and perform ImageOps on the command line 🌱 🏞️

  •    Rust

menyoki is a screencast and screenshot utility that can also perform various image related operations such as making/splitting GIFs and modifying/analyzing image files. It aims to be a lightweight command line tool for either helping out on day-to-day life operations or complicated detail-centric issues. Originally it was designed to record/screenshot terminal windows but it can be tweaked easily for other purposes with command line arguments, environment variables, or a configuration file. menyoki requires a window system implementation of the supported platform for record and capture actions. Other features are expected to work normally since they don't require a window system running (or grabbing a window to operate on). For example, despite the macOS is not listed as a supported platform, menyoki still can perform image operations such as edit and analyze if it's compiled on macOS.

gifcurry - :point_right: Your open source video to GIF maker built with Haskell.

  •    Haskell

Gifcurry is your only open source video-to-GIF maker built with Haskell. Load a video, make some edits, and save it as a GIF—it's that easy. Most video formats should work so go wild. And since it's made with Haskell, you know it's good. For the command line averse, there is a GUI. Die-hard terminal aficionado? Gifcurry has you covered with its CLI. And for the Haskell programmers out there, there is also a library API.

anishot - Animate a long screenshot

  •    Python

Animates a long screenshot into a GIF. Use it to show off long screenshots in your GitHub README.

ProgressGif - Add progress bars to gifs!

  •    Swift

Download ProgressGif on the App Store. Tutorials with only words are boring, so we add images. And if they need to be more detailed, we add video... but video isn't always the best choice.

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